What's great about the Smartphone Round Robin is that you get to see your own platform in the hands of other users, whom eventually point out weaknesses that you never thought of and offer perspective you won't see on your own day-to-day basis. Right now, our friend Crackberry Kevin is taking a look at our favorite Android OS and putting it through the paces from a Blackberry user point-of-view. Head on over to Crackberry to check out his hands-on video of Android.

But as any new user to a new smartphone platform would know, you need a lot of help. Crackberry Kevin has started a thread in our Android Central Forums asking questions and taking answers. It's a really wonderful place to start for Blackberry and Android users alike. And don't forget, every day you make a post in that thread this week you're entered to win a free Android smartphone from Android Central!


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Android From A Blackberry Perspective, Smartphone Round Robin


It must be weird for a Blackberry user to use a touchscreen. After all, on the other end of things, every iPhone/Treo/WMPro user I know can't help but mash at the screen of a Blackberry (to no avail, of course).

The verizon 8330 is a disaster. Slow and low on memory. Bad UI and very slow browser. Brother got a Droid, what a smart phone should be like. Waiting for my upgrade in a couple months to rid of my blackberry nightmare.

calendar looks like weather donate.

the only things i miss about my blackberry are notification profiles and being able to view ANIMATED GIFS. I have no idea why that isn't possible on this friggin droid, wtf?

and honestly the keyboard on the old curve was fabulous.

well the keyboard is OK...
But its so slow... When i try to open some pages on the browser... the phone just uses up all its memory trying to render a page that it just stops. load up time takes forever on the BB. Understandably, it is more of a business oriented device. So cant wait to go to the droid where android is more free to customize and has a decent amount of processing speed