PowerAmp Contest

By popular demand (and the fact that we said we'd do it), here are the winners from last week's Poweramp contest. Five sites, five phones, shipped by Negri Electronics.

For our part, robsawalker in our forums came away a big winner, picking up a new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for his troubles. Congrats, Rob!

And the other winners? Well ...

We'll let Poweramp do the honors.

Congrats, everyone!


Reader comments

And the winners of the PowerAmp free phone contest are ...


Well in his defense, he just can't pick you because you guys are family, he has thousands of readers that deserve to win also...

Brought to you by the Nexus M8

If that's the case, then surely he has enough devices hanging around that he could just float you one whenever.
Sounds like he doesn't, so that makes you the annoying nephew.

I was so certain that I was going to win that I threw my phone away...hopefully it is still there and doesn't smell too bad, lol.

I won! Where do i post the video of me smashing my old phone?

Posted from the Avengers: Age of Droid Ultra

But but you guys promised I was winning!! :'(

Posted via Android Central App via the not so new Nexus 5 and a half

I swear I'm gonna win a phone one day. Congrats to all of us who didn't win. We are that much closer to winning now.

Posted via my oldie but goodie Nexii 4 using the Android Central App

I thought I had a chance at the HTC One M8 but came up empty handed, lol

Congrats to the winners!

Wow, this is amazing! The only other thing I have ever won was a Stegosaurus jigsaw when I was nine from a competition at a museum! I can't believe it! I had the original Galaxy Note and loved it, can't wait!

Unfortunately though, my girlfriend rolled on her S3 last week and broke the screen... she'll be gunning to wrestle this off me!

A big thank-you to Poweramp, Phil and all the team at Android Central. You guys are fantastic!