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Amazon has released a new OS update for its Fire Phone which adds quite a few new features to the Android-based device, along with some improvements for battery life and more.

Here's the change log for the update, which brings the Fire OS version number to 3.5.1 (111009920):

  • Quick Switch - With a double-press on the home button, Quick Switch allows you to easily alternate between or shut down running apps and tasks.
  • App Grid Collections - Create folders of apps or content right on the app grid.
  • Carousel Pinning - Pin your favorite apps to the front of the home carousel. .
  • 11 Frame Lenticular Photos - Create Lenticular photos using 11 still images instead of 3.
  • Enhanced Carousel E-mail - Delete e-mails directly from the home screen.
  • Improved Video Sharing - Share high-resolution videos via MMS or e-mail.
  • Improved Battery Life - Dozens of system updates for enhanced battery performance.

Amazon's support page has links to teach users how to access the new features in this Fire OS update. What do you think of this new download for the Fire Phone?

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Amazon Fire Phone gets OS update with new features, better battery life and more


And no touch buying from Amazon. Will automatically buy stuff for you from according to your past purchases. Wake up and a new box of something will be waiting in the morning. All billed on your new Amazon credit card, that they created while you were asleep.

At least they're doing timely updates it seems. Well I guess it's not too hard being it's on one carrier only.
And yea the multi tasking? Must of been old school Android style through a task manager which was annoying.

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I still don't see which customer base they are going for unless they go to drop the price on the phone at an ideal time.

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How many have they actually sold?

>I'm the kind of guy who stops a microwave at one second to feel like a bomb defuser.

Nope but I get one for work in a few weeks to play with. Usually I get a newly released phone within a week or two but this thing is a low priority.

I am unsure if Amazon is selling any of these devices or not, but an update is an update and Amazon should be congratulated for that.

While I do not understand the device, I am fairly positive the device will not sell as much as it could if it wasn't an at&t exclusive.


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According to their commercial. .their target customers are 7 to 12 year olds who show off a absolutely useless feature

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When I was 12 (I'm 14 now) my smartphone choice and ecosystem was android and will always be android!!! I tried the Kindle Fire HDX and I didn't know how to use it and I hated it, so what makes amazon think 7-12 year olds want this phone? When I walk around school most kids have an iPhone 4,4s,5,5s,or 5c!!! And they ask me what kind of phone is that? Its a Moto G (now a LG Optimus Fuel for now), well my iPhone is better!! No its not mine is in every aspect, and you only wanted one because most kids have one and you like to keep it "simple"! I don't I like to be able to control my phone like maybe rooting, flashing a ROM and so on, but a firephone forget it I will not buy one!!! P.S. I keep getting emails to sign up for a amazon credit card, I'm 14!!! I don't won't or need one!!!

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How did you do that? I have one and I'm not tech savvy but I miss all my stuff. I like my phone because it's clean and easy to manage. I have two jobs and I am in school, my phone help me navigate life. But I would love to know how to make it better.

I don't know about others, but most of those new features I won't use. What I would like to see added is 1. ability to delete ALL missed/recent calls, not have to delete them one at a time; and, 2. be able to block/blacklist certain phone numbers, you know everyday stuff