Medion Life E4001

Following the debut of its own-brand Android tablet, budget supermarket chain Aldi has announced that it'll begin selling a smartphone from the same manufacturer this Thursday. Through its "Special buys" program, Aldi will offer up the Medion Life E4001 for £79.99 outright. What does that get you? Well, in a world where the Moto E exists, quite a bit less than you'd hope for...

The E4001 features an unnamed 1GHz dual-core processor, 512MB of RAM, a 4-inch WVGA (480x800) display, 4GB of internal storage (plus a 4GB microSD) and a 2-megapixel camera. The real kicker, though? It's running the almost three-year-old Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And given that Medion isn't exactly a big name in the smartphone world, we wouldn't hold your breath for any updates anytime soon.

You don't necessarily expect much when you're paying just under £80 for a smartphone. But for just a little extra, Motorola's Moto E offers so much more it's not even funny — double the RAM, a faster CPU, a higher-resolution screen, a 5-megapixel camera, a bigger battery and the latest Android 4.4 KitKat with the promise of an upgrade to Android L when it's available. And the price difference is £5.

As is so often the case with budget Android gadgets, whether they're throwaway "craplets" or no-name phones like this, there's a much better experience to be had if you pay just a little bit more. And given the price difference compared to the Moto E, there's no reason anyone should spend £80 on this.

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Aldi's Android phone is a tough sell, even at £80


Exactly. This is absolutely unacceptable. This phone is the definition of a Piece of Sh*t

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While I do not necessarily disagree with you, Android is what it is today because of manufacturers being able to do what ever they want(more or less) with the hardware and software, and still having access to Google's services. SO many of the best features of android were on a manufacturer skin first, before Google added them to stock android. The open approach is allows insane amounts of platform growth.

It worries me how much control Google is forcing on android Wear and TV now. They are basically using their market dominance to enforce their will, knowing that manufacturers need Google's play store to be successful. I fear Google may do the same with future versions of Android as well as the Wear and TV. While it may provide a "better" experience in the short term, locking things down is a slippery and dangerous slope to play around with. I do not want android to be a walled garden akin to IOS.

Ok, I will take my tin foil hat off now...

Why are so many people suddenly saying the do-not-necessarily-disagree-with-you phrase? Tedious & canned confrontation buffer...

Easy partner. I for one am genuinely amazed that a phone like this is being luanched, and am glad someone's reporting on it. News can't all be tailored around your needs.

Yeah exactly. This will be hugely advertised in Aldi and probably the UK in general, and therefore will begin to represent Android in the eyes of many. That pisses me off, so I'd like to hear about it first, here.
Also, in the UK there definitely aren't 20 of any device released daily, or anything close, hyperbole aside.

Fair enough and yes 20 was an exaggeration but a lot of crap stuff is put out by big chains daily...if they wrote up all of them then the actual news would get lost in the blizzard.

UK folks need to be aware that Mum and Dad are going to be inundated with ads for this when they go grocery shopping.

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So ppl can steer clear of this.. Or at least we could warn them since we already know better..

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I find it quite interesting. It was the 'Aldi' that got my attention. I thought it had to be another Aldi but I see it is indeed the budget supermarket. Yes, this is of interest.

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You'd think £5 (Approx $8 US) wouldn't be a big deal and I personally agree. To some people though that is the difference between a crappy smartphone and no phone at all, such is the way with life.

you get what you pay for most of the time. buyer beware to those who buy those cheap Samsung Galaxy "Centura" phones and their like. major infuriating frustrating lag and delay just to look up a contact, make/answer a phone call, look at an email, etc. not to mention bugs and poor build quality. stay away.

+1... I know plenty of people who have bought the cheap off contract phones, or no brand tablets, and come to the conclusion that everything they heard 3 yrs ago about android sucking is true. Then they compare it to their old iphones without putting the cost of the phones into consideration. Of course they're not going to perform nearly as well as a high priced phone!

Did anyone end up trying their tablet or know if it worked pretty well? They could've at least given the phone the same specs as their tablet.

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Pretty much the reason android has a bad rep and Google should be much more controlling of what devices are released.

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It is an open source piece of software. Where can you put "control" in on that and keep it open? The best that you can do is restrict the play store but even then you trash the ecosystem

It seems like you are having a rough day NoNexus. **slides a virtual beer down the bar** Seems like you need 5 o'clock early today.

Thanks for the beer!

Some days you get the bull, some days you get the horns. 5 o'clock cannot come soon enough today.

The first thing manufacturers should do is to make these launchers optional.If I dont want touchwiz I want to turn it off and use Stock Android.Even now on my Asus Zenfone 5 (budget phone I purchased) theres a crap ton of Asus Apps preinstalled which I cannot uninstall without rooting.

The sad thing is, lots will see it in Aldi and buy it because they think it's a bargain. :/

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Ohh, I am a sucker for some high quality Aldi Value though.... And I always use Medion Mobile via Aldi Talk when I visit family in Deutschland. I guess that's the takeaway here, Aldi will be glad to sell tourists an android phone when you stop in to get your domestic SIM starter kit in Europe. Rather, when you forget to buy a Moto (enter alphabet here) ahead of time, they will be glad to sell you a basic android phone.

I actually shop at Aldi sometimes. When I need to stock up on snacks, that's my go-to store. What sucks is I know that some of the people who go in there will actually see this phone and think they are getting a deal. People who don't know about phones especially; who don't know there better options out there.

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Moto does nothing to advertise the moto e to the average consumer. Way more people will see this piece of crap advertised and it will probably outsell the moto. I wish crap like this didn't happen.

Where's the slot to put my quarter in so I can unlock it like the carts at my local Aldi?

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We are regulars at Aldi. They do have good buys there. I haven't tried this phone, but it appears this is not one of them.
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It's strange though. Thought Aldi kept its prices low by focusing on cheap food, a few generic foods, a small store and cheap rackspace. They're increasingly doing stuff like this with all sorts of non-food items, but they're usually discounted. We even got our astronaut foam mattress there for like $250. The impression I get is that they like either get overstock stuff and sell it discounted, or buy lots of overstock old stuff and rebrand it. But this phone stuff seems off the business model.