The ZENS Built-in wireless charger can turn your desk into a phone charger

ZENS, a company that specializes in wireless charging products, has announced the ZENS Built-in wireless charger, which integrates into your existing furnature to provide a readily-available Qi wireless charging pad. You can add it to your bedside table, a counter, or a desk so you can just set down your compatible phone, like a Galaxy S6, and start charging.

The ZENS Built-in wireless charger is meant to be used with your current furnature. To do so, you'll need to make a hole where you intend to place the charger, which you cover with an included disk that indicates the charger's position. ZENS provides the grinder for making the whole with the charger. The charger should hold up against most household hazards, and is built to withstand spills.

The ZENS Built-in wireless charger will be available in November. It will cost €49.99, or $55.87 in the U.S.

€49.99 from ZENS