While we're still getting to know the new YotaPhone for review purposes, Phil and Cali got a chance to talk about the phone live today with YotaPhone Managing Director Matthew Kelly. In many ways this has been one of the more interesting phones at CES, and that has everything to do with the software that drives the e-ink display on the back of the phone. Using the back of the phone is cool for getting information at a glance, but the folks at YotaPhone are really driving home how much you can actually do with the touch capabilities on this second display. One of the big things we saw today was the way certain SMS messages are displayed to users. For example, if someone sends you a message that just contains the word "cool" you'll see an image of a man straightening his bowtie. You know, because bowties are cool.

Super nerdy Doctor Who reference aside, YotaPhone 2 has got some seriously cool stuff going on inside. Especially now that we know it's headed to the US soon, this phone is well worth keeping an eye on.