Are you looking for a change, or are you a brand loyalist?

It's time for another poll, and this week should be a good 'un. Updates — both to KitKat and otherwise — were flying fast and furious all week, and one common theme in the comments of all the news posts was users claiming they were switching brands because they weren't getting their update fast enough. We understand a lot of that is frustration, even if misplaced, but doing things like updating fast make for quite the impression. Maybe a manufacturer did gain a few fans, whether it be HTC and their speedy updates, or Motorola beating the Nexus 4 to "official OTA style" KitKat.

Or maybe some old favorites lost a few future customers. We can't guess — so we ask. There's a poll in the sidebar to the right, or you can find it after the break to make things easy. Vote in it. Then jump into the comments and let everyone know what you think. It's your time to be heard!