Best Android Phones

We've updated our list of the the Best Android Phones. And unsurprisingly, we've got a new winner ahead of the others.

But as we've said numerous times, there are a number of phones that we'd recommend without hesitation, and others with just a caveat or two. Performance is generally good across the board. Cameras are better than ever. And, dammit, we're starting to come around on the idea of oversized phones — though some designs handle that additional girth better than others.

There's one area in which we've made a very conscious decision to place increased importance — software updates. There have been several high-profile vulnerabilities in recent months, with Heartbleed and Stagefright leading the way. And those are just the ones you've probably heard of. There always will be vulnerabilities in software, and Google and its partners use a multi-layered approach for keeping our devices safe. But keeping the software on your phone up to date — and up to date for the life of your phone — no longer is a luxury. It's a necessity.

We're going to be keeping a closer watch on updates. Are manufacturers pushing monthly security updates? How quickly do they update a phone when there's a new major release of Android? This will weight more heavily on our picks for the best phones going forward.

And so our new No. 1 is an obvious choice.

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