Last week we started up a contest with an awesome prize -- a 64GB HTC One developer edition. It wasn't an ordinary contest (this isn't an ordinary phone) where you drop your name in a hat and Mr. Random Number Generator grabs one. Instead we decided to make it fun and all of you involved and engaged by submitting a short video of yourselves and your old phone. 

Part 1 of the contest is over, so it's time to begin the next phase -- the one where you fine folks pick the winner.

Don't worry, it's easy and fun. Just head into the forums and check out all the great videos people just like you have posted. If you see one you like, click the "Like" button at the bottom of the post. When the voting is over, we'll tally it all up and which ever video has the most likes will get their very own HTC One developer edition phone to care for and love.

You can vote for as many as you like. In fact, you should. A little appreciation goes a long way, and people are putting themselves out there to win. Let them know you like their stuff. Now get in there and spread a little love around.

We'll close the voting at 5 p.m. EDT on Monday, April 22. Good luck, everybody!

Vote for the winner of the HTC One developer edition