Lyft on Android

Verizon Wireless announced today a new agreement with Lyft, the car-sharing company, that will not only see the Lyft app pre-loaded on some Verizon Android smartphones but will also give Lyft drivers discounts on Verizon's devices. Here's how that will work:

Starting on Monday, May 11th, Verizon will provide a monthly access discount for drivers through Lyft's Accelerate Premier Driver Rewards program. New or existing Verizon subscribers can shop with and register for this discount through a secure web portal.

This new partnership is similar to one announced in 2014 between AT&T and Uber. In that deal, AT&T not only pre-loaded the Uber app on some of their smartphones but also offers passengers access to AT&T's network inside Uber cars.

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Source: Verizon

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