Checking-in at the hotel could become a thing of the past

The Starwood hotel group has announced its plans to make visiting the check-in desk at the hotel a thing of the past, by allowing you to complete the whole process and get your room key on your smartphone. Using its SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) app for Android and iOS and Bluetooth, you'll be able to twist your phone in front of the lock and gain access to your room. 

The decision to use Bluetooth and not NFC isn't just important for people using phones of fruit based nature. NFC isn't a standard inclusion on each and every Android phone yet, and so Starwood has opted for a solution that will be accessible to more of its customers. 

The process will first be trialed on a small scale at selected Aloft brand hotels, with a view to rolling it out across the Aloft and W brands throughout 2014. SPG members can opt in to learn more and for opportunities to participate in the pilot program. 

Source: Starwood