Snapdragon 835 announcement

The Google Pixel 2 might ship with revised internal hardware from Qualcomm in the form of a new processor, the Snapdragon 836. That's according to silicon rumormonger Fudzilla, which offers up the following plausible but completely unsurprising info, courtesy of its sources:

  • The Pixel 2 phones will be the first to ship with Snapdragon 836
  • The chip itself will supposedly be a minor revision to the 835, with a small bump to maximum clock speeds. (Base clock speeds may not increase, or only increase negligibly.)
  • There'll also be some battery life improvements.

If true, this would mirror the situation of last year, when the first Pixel emerged as the first phone with Snapdragon 821 in the West — the 821 being a minor revision of the 820 chip powering many of 2016's flagships. Once again, a prominent new flagship would end up using the latest processor from Qualcomm. That's not the most unexpected thing in the world.

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Silicon revisions are all well and good, and it'd certainly be a small big significant win for Google to achieve the tiny performance and battery life edge presumably offered by the new platform. But are they the most interesting thing about a phone we still know relatively little about? Probably not.

So far, only a small amount of information has leaked out, and we're still waiting for reliable details on important areas like the camera, battery capacity and other key specs.

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