Saygus says oft-delayed V2 smartphone will ship in Q1 2016

After a period of silence, Saygus, the company behind the long-delayed Saygus V2 smartphone, has taken to its official Twitter account to say that buyers can expect their devices to start shipping sometime in Q1 2016. Going a bit further, Saygus says that some business differences with one of its manufacturing partners are to blame for the delays. From Saygus:

Unfortunately for those who put in a pre-order for the Saygus V2, delays have come to be expected. Prior to the most recent tweets, Saygus stated that it had hoped to ship in October, then November, before going silent altogether throughout December of 2015. Hopefully the manufacturing problems that caused the first set of delays are indeed taken care of, and those that are still waiting on a V2 will see them soon.

Source: Saygus (Twitter)