Crowdfunding campaigns are a place for people to present some off-the-wall ideas in an effort to get people to fund them. A new product is looking to combine the best audio and augmented reality experience in a single unit, and its called the ORA-X. Available now through an Indiegogo campaign, the ORA-X is an over-the-ear style headphone that features a flip down display. With this, the display becomes optional, so when you don't want to use it you can move it out of your direct line of view.

This revolutionary device is the world's Smartest headphones. It's an Android computer and features high fidelity audio and a transparent retractable display for a crisp, bright image. The ORA-X enables a multitude of entertainment and interactive applications. You can install and run Android applications, watch videos, or play games on the ORA-X and listen to your favorite tunes at the same time.

Pricing on the campaign starts at $349 plus shipping, and this is said to be a 45 percent savings, or $250 off the expected retail pricing. Getting in early on technology like this is always on the more expensive side — look at Google Glass when it was available for Explorers — so this won't be for everyone. If you are interested, or want to check out more about the ORA-X headphones, be sure to hit the link below.

Check out the ORA-X Indiegogo campaign