Google Messenger

In last week's poll we asked how you use your phone for messaging. There are plenty of ways to message people using your phone, whether you prefer the default SMS app on your phone, or like to download a specific app. No matter what app you like to use, the only thing that matters is whether it works for you.

Sidebar Poll Results

This was a seriously close contest. Google Messenger took first place with 22.2% of the vote. WhatApp was behind by a fraction, and came in second place with 22.1%. Third place goes to your Default SMS app, that grabbed up 20%. Other came in fourth place, snatching up 14.9% of the vote. Hangouts managed to claim fifth place with 13.7%. Facebook Messenger managed to snatch 6% to land in sixth place. With only 1% Nothing came in dead last place.

Was your favorite messenger app on our list? Let us know in the comments!