You may now safely use GPS on your Rogers Magic and Dream. HTC has issued a fix for the problem that left 911 calls unreliable due to a bug in the GPS. The fix at the time was to turn off GPS, which is kinda a popular feature these days, if you hadn't heard.

HTC turned around the patch just a week since Rogers went public (though some say the issue has been known much longer). This is a mandatory update. Rogers isn't kidding about it. If you don't update your phone, Rogers will turn off your Internet access on Sunday, Jan. 24, until you do update. Here's the full statement:

“A mandatory software update is now available for Rogers HTC Dream and Magic customers to ensure 911 calls can be completed on these devices. These customers need to go immediately to or on a PC to download the update. Users of Windows 7 or Macintosh will need to call 1-888-Rogers1 for update instructions. Customers will need to backup any personal items before the update process.

Oh, and to sweeten the deal, Rogers says “You will be compensated automatically for this inconvenience with a credit of one month of data fees." Also, included in the update for the Magic is a new version of the Sense UI that includes multitouch. [via MobileSyrup]