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Android 2.2 took away the ability to silence your phone using the volume button. Used to be you'd just hit volume down until you hit silent mode, and that was it. So how do you do it now? A few options: First is to go to the lock screen (press the power button once to turn the screen off, and again to wake the phone) and use the slider. Another is to use a widget button like you see above -- there are plenty in the Android Market. Have another option? Share in the comments below. (And if Google wants to add this back in Android 2.3, we'd be OK with that.)

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How to silence your phone in Froyo


ok here is another off-topic since you guys got the silent/vibrate thing settled. what is the little android guy icon in the alert bar?

This is the one issue i hated when i updated to froyo especially sice im OCD with my homescreen widgets/icons. Now i use the Extended controls widget which has the option to have my phone on vibrate, silent, and normal modes simply by clicking on the icon. -Nexus one 2.2.1

Not sure what the hoopla is ...I have a DINC with FROYO 2.2 and I just hold the volume button and it lowers volume to nothing and then vibrate

I believe that HTC Sense can go to silent using the volume button. I noticed the change when I rooted my Incredible.

@lonndoggie: that's great for those that just use silent. But, what about the vast majority of people that use both silent ane vibrate? There should be an option to not only use both, but to switch between them quickly. HTC FTW! LOL

Go have a look at settings->Sounds in your froyo phone.

In my OG Droid, Vibrate has the following options: "Always", "Never", "Only in Silent mode" and the wordy "Only when not in Silent mode".

I've got mine set to Never. So, when I take the volume control all the way down, I get silent--no vibrate.

The other settings will do...what they say. Pick only vibrate in silent, guess what? You get vibrate in silent mode.

Apparently this is what changed in Froyo as to vibrate/silence settings.

You are exactly right. The whole thread is based on people not reading the manual or fiddling with settings. Works exactly the same on N1.

HTC devices running Sense offer you the option to silence, or vibrate your phone in two convenient places. The volume rocker gives you the choice of the two, and so does holding down the power key. HTC covers even the smallest of details. I was sorely disappointed with the experience on motorola phones. They left out so much. The point is that in this case and many others, HTC does, Droid doesn't. You shouldn't have to download an app for such a simple system task.

I also doesn't have silent mode on my Nexus One with 2.2.1 (no root) with the volume down button, only vibrate. But hey...we have a smartphone! :)

Use widgetlocker and you can put the silence widget of your choice on your lockscreen :)

Or - if you don't have the flip silent feature - you can use Tasker to teach your phone to be silent when you flip it over :)

Remember, there's an app for everything ;)

I also doesn't have silent mode on my Nexus One with 2.2.1

Yes you do. Read the rest of this thread.

First ver of froyo on N1, the volume rocker only went to vibrate. Now on 2.2.1 there is a setting under Sounds to "add silent state". Now down on the volume rocker works like it did before.

This wasn't explained very well. The problem is that with 2.2 you can choose via the settings to have silent OR vibrate but not both as before. So whereas before you could use the volume rocker to go down to vibrate and then silent, now it will only do vibrate if that's what you have picked in the settings (or only silent).

Volume down to vibrate shuts off sound on my 2.2(Jp6) Galaxy S as well, just like it did with 2.1.

Must be a Touchwiz and Sense thing, VanillaFroyo and BlurYo don't seem to have it.

volume down on my Nexus One brings my phone to silent. Silent enough where I can not hear the phone ringing. I do that if I'm in a movie or just don't feel like answering the phone. Works for me. Simple stuff. Love my Nexus One.

Yeah, I like the other 36 people who said the same thing can just rock the volume bar down. Silent is one click before vibrate. Incredible with 2.2

It is definitely phone (or manufacturer) specific. My DInc (Froyo) has silent and vibrate modes via the volume rocker. My wife's Motorola Droid (Froyo) has only vibrate mode and not silent mode via the volume rocker.

They aren't crazy, the droid x and several other phones do not have a silent option anymore. It goes from low volume to vibrate and nothing else.

Oddly enough, the volume down on my Droid X goes from minumum to mute. No option to vibrate any more, not even if I try to go down past mute. Two friends have DX's and theirs go straight to vibrate. Drives me nuts. Wish I could fix this.

Check your Vibrate settings under settings / sound.

There is noting ODD about this, you just have different settings than your friends.

Yea I have no trouble getting to Silence by just turning down my ringer volume. It gets to Silent, then goes to Vibrate if you go all the way down. This is the fastest way I've found. I'm not interested in using a widget for something I can use a hardware button for.

I'm using an EVO 2.2 unrooted

I too miss this function. I now use beatiful widgets which makes it easy an fast. I hope 2.3 will bring back this function.

HTC seems to be different with their sense roms anyway, because my Evo goes vibrate then silence when holding down the volume down.

On my Nexus One, after updating to FROYO, my volume down button stopped working completely. Only the volume up works, but it's already all the way up so it's pretty useless. Volume down does absolutely nothing now.

As already stated, YES you can use volume rocker to put in silent or vibrate mode. Just hold it down, then back up one for silent.. or just catch silent on the way down.

Why is this news? oh , someone is misinformed

And again, as already stated... This does NOT work with all phones. Since the people explaining that this statement is wrong are posting which phones they have, how about you state which phone/phones this works with.

It does NOT work with the Droid or Droid X.

Agreeed, They should change the headline and article since it's not a FROYO issue.. it's the manufacturer's issue. Don't like the OS being blamed when it's not the issue. Obviously some makers coded their UI correctly and others did not.

Volume down till it vibrates does the same thing as the lock screen. And long press on the sleep button offers a silent option as well.

Nexus with 2.2.1.

Perhaps Jerry should indicate which phones are giving problems in this area because I'm not seeing any.

Yeah, Sense phones have this. You can silence with the volume, or the power button. Gotta love Sense. I tried the droid 2 and Droid X. I hate the Moto ecosystem. HTC gives us so many features, like the missing one from this article. Also, Moto browsers don't redraw the text after pinch zooming, you have to take an extra step of double tapping...and that doesn't always work. I went running back to my EVO. HTC Sense is great. Even if you use another launcher, you still get the great Sense features built into the OS.

Right he's talking about silencing your phone not putting it on vibrate.... On my Nexus One hitting the volume key down only makes it go into vibrate not silence as in no noise or vibration....

If he was talking about that, then why did his first solutions indicate a method to get to vibrate mode?

Exactly, Silence != Vibrate

However, this article is doing it wrong and doesn't help this confusion. Just hold the power button and you get "Silent Mode" as an option (along with Airplane and Power Off).

Not on all phones.
Not all the time. It depends on settings. And this may be the main source of confusion on this entire thread.

On my N1 (Foryo 2.2.1) holding power gets you an option to go to go to silent mode, but Vibrate is STILL controlled by settings.

In Settings / Sound you can still choose Vibrate Always, in which case holding the power button or using the slider on the unlock page STILL gets you vibrate.

You have Four choices on N1 for Vibrate:
3)Only when silent
4)Only when not silent.

With vibrate never, simply running the volume down with the rocker will arrive at silent mode. (Phil - Did you NOT know this?)

With Vibrate Always you kill sound but vibrate stays on.

Learn to run your phone people...

And why isn't there a sometimes on silent? Just because you think these settings are the problem, what about the person who only wants vibrate off at night when they are sleeping, or vice versa. To those who thought this was valid until reading your comment, it's still valid.

Yeah, are you guys mistaken here? The G2 absolutely has the option to silence the phone via the volume rocker. Maybe its one of your crazy ROMs that's lacking the option.

Am I missing something here? My Droid Inc with 2.2 goes to silence using the volume buttons on the side. Keep pressing down and it goes to "vibrate" too. Is this phone specific?

My Nexus One with 2.2.1 (happening since 2.2) goes from ringer volume down to vibrate. There is no silence mode (ie. no vibrating, just silence).

I forgot I could probably just get a widget to do this, will have to get one to add to my widget screen. Though I tend to not worry about being in vibrate rather than full silent mode.

This is why I roll my eyes when people badmouth 3rd party skinning of Android. The HTC Sense skin still has this extremely useful feature left in.

Every day I'm reminded how much better it is than stock; one guy was telling me about an alarmclock app he paid for that was still inferior to the stock HTC clock app.
I wonder what tomorrows "workaround" for the stock OSp will be?

Are you guys crazy? Just hold the volume down button until you hit vibrate, then go back up one click to silent. It's in the phone manuals.

I don't know what phone you have and what version of Android you're running, but this does not work on my X with froyo. All the way down is Vibrate, there is no silent, even using the lock screen.

Really! Folks please read above! EVO 4G stock out of the box with 2.2 ALL the way down to vibrate THEN UP ONE CLICK gets you silent! ..... why does everyone make it so hard.

LG Optimus T, stock froyo, does not do this. Stop acting all high and mighty, talking down to people. YOU ARE WRONG.