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Now that the luster of the HTC 10 launch has worn off, HTC's running a pretty fantastic promotion that'll get you a pair of headphones and an additional $100 accessory credit when you buy an HTC 10 from its website. The headphones on offer here aren't some cheapo pair, either — they're the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones that were announced back with the phone and retail for $199.

A borderline purchase normally, now included for free with the phone.

The JBL Reflect Aware C headphones have some distinct advantages because they use the USB-C port on the phone rather than a typical headphone jack, offering active noise cancellation without additional batteries and higher quality end-to-end digital sound. They're designed to be "sport" headphones that are built to take a beating and plenty of sweat, but they'll of course work great for other situations as well.

And when you get them absolutely free when buying an HTC 10, it just makes the deal even sweeter. Just buy an HTC 10 from between now and August 31, and the JBL Reflect Aware C headphones will automatically be added to your cart. To sweeten the deal even further, HTC is throwing in a $100 accessory credit to spend on the site with purchase. If you happen to want to buy the HTC 10 from another retailer, HTC is still throwing in the $100 accessory credit when you register your phone at after buying — a nice gesture.

Not only can you get out ahead of the curve and be ready for the future of USB-C audio with some great headphones, you can do so for absolutely free if you're interested in an HTC 10 — and if you've been on the fence maybe this will push you to getting one.

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