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Monument Valley

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  • Vendor: ustwo games
  • Version: 2.4.22
  • Price: Free

Monument Valley is one of the most stunning Android games you'll ever come across. The 3D 'impossible' puzzle levels are in equal parts beautiful and challenging and manipulating them is a true joy. You guide Ida, a silent princess, through the series of levels in Monument Valley all the while outsmarting the Crow People.

It's one of those games that simply has to be experienced, and since it makes fine use of cloud saves you're free to pick up and play across your phone and tablet. It also doesn't hurt to stick in a pair of headphones and really immerse yourself in the music, either.

Down the line Monument Valley may get some extra levels that will double the gaming time. That would be a fine, fine thing.


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Monument Valley could become a Lego set, with enough support

Monument Valley Lego set could become a reality, with enough support

If the idea of manipulating the insane puzzles of popular mobile game Monument Valley with your bare hands sounds fun, there's a chance Lego could make that happen. A proposal for a Monument Valley Lego set has been post on Lego's Ideas website where, with enough support, the set stands a chance...
Monument Valley update will bring 'Ida's Dream' expansion to all players for free on June 25

Monument Valley update will bring 'Ida's Dream' expansion to all players for free on June 25

Monument Valley players will score the Ida's Dream expansion for free with an update coming June 25. Wildly popular puzzle game Monument Valley is preparing for a pretty nice update this week. On June 25, players will get an update that includes the Ida's Dream expansion for free. Ida's Dream...
Monument Valley on Moto X

Monument Valley takes the top prize at 11th annual Mobile Gaming Awards

The popular and critically acclaimed puzzle game won the "Grand Prix" prize for best mobile game of 2014 on Tuesday night as part of the 11th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards. Monument Valley, from the London-based team ustwo, won the prize during a ceremony held as part of the Game...
Monument Valley

Without paying for nice things we'll be left with a Candy Crush future

In August 2013 I wrote a piece over on iMore about how EA had destroyed a once fine mobile franchise, Madden, by introducing a freemium hell. Paying for apps versus not paying for apps and getting fleeced by in-app purchases is an argument that will never, ever go away, but I've started thinking...
Monument Valley's first expansion now available through Google Play

Monument Valley's first expansion now available through Google Play

Forgotten Shores, the expansion for popular puzzle game Monument Valley, is now available on Google Play. The update has been available through the Amazon Appstore since last week. Forgotten Shores adds eight new levels of mind-bending puzzels for an in-app purchase of $1.99. Starting with...
Monument Valley

Monument Valley is available for free on Amazon today, Forgotten Shores expansion in tow

The critically acclaimed puzzle game Monument Valley is available for free via Amazon's Free App of the Day promotion. Usually retailing for $3.99, today's promotion is a great way of getting one of the best games available on Android for free. Monument Valley sees you guiding Princess Ida...
Best Android puzzle games without in-app purchases

Best Android puzzle games without in-app purchases

Really dig on puzzle games for Android, but hate being nagged to buy hints and power-ups to take the easy way out? We're showing off ten of our top Android puzzle games with no in-app purchases whatsoever. You'll find a nice range of starkly abstract to friendly and cartoony, physics games and...
Monument Valley dev announces Land's End, exclusively for Gear VR

Monument Valley dev announces Land's End, exclusively for Gear VR

Ustwo Games, the developers behind Monument Valley, have announced a new game for the Samsung Gear VR headset. Called Land's End, it's described as a "surreal trip throughan archipelago of forgotten worlds". Nothing else is known about the game just yet. Ustwo released a teaser image of a...
monument valley

Monument Valley to get more levels, could double playtime

Monument Valley, the popular and critically acclaimed optical illusion based puzzle game, will be getting some new content in the near future that could double the amount of its current game time. The $3.99 game, from the London-based team ustwo, currently has just 10 levels but, in a chat...
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Best Android apps and games for May 2014

Another 30 days, another batch of excellent new Android app and game releases We've gathered up yet another collection of the very best Android apps and Android games to come out over the last four weeks. Whether you're looking for a fresh new tower defense game or an efficient new calendar app...

Iterate 68: Gypps and Wong on Monument Valley

Iterate features the best designers in the business discussing interface, interaction, icons, and experience. It's like DVD extras for apps! On this episode Ken Wong and Matt Gypps of ustwo join Marc, Seth, and Rene to talk about Monument Valley, its visual and audio design, launching on iOS and...
Monument Valley for Android

Monument Valley brings its beautiful impossible architecture to Android

Stop what you're doing and watch this. Then download Monument Valley. It's long been a popular puzzle game on iOS, and it's now available on Android for $3.99. It'a all about look at feel. You guide Princess Ida through the impossible, M.C. Escher-type geometry, hitting buttons and turning shapes...
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Monument Valley

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