Size his tool up

Really, in this world of 4.6-inch phones, we can't believe we're just now getting tipped to this app.


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You know what they say about the size of a guy's phone ...


Don't download it? I don't plan on it. We are all adults... Well some of us. I don't get offended because my cable provider has adult channels listed on my guide. They aren't forcing me to use them...

I bet that those offended by this received some unfortunate news. Thas the only explenation for adults to take offense in something they can choose to ignore

Anyone "actually" offended by this should probably go ahead and disable their internet connection FOREVER. While I think the video is pretty dumb I applaud Phil for posting something not "politically correct". What is wrong with this world that everyone is so sensitive to everything around them. I am reminded of a phrase created by a person much smarter than me, "being offended meaning thinking you are far more important that you actually are".

Give it a rest. You're not that special.

If this app were called "How big is that gay guys tool?" Phil would be calling for its removal from the Android Market.

First, I want to say great thanks administration of this web site. Guys, thanks for you work and your help to poor student.
Really, I'm so happy about all of your angry comments! Because there's one conclusion from all this posts - application is working!
Video is stupid, I'm agree (I've got only old nokia and couldn't make something interesting for you, that's why you can see an emulator and film made in moviemaker)
You can not to pay for this app if you don't want (0,99$) - you can bring it back to me on android market in 15 minutes(but now you know that it works correctly =))

84guy, thank you for an idea - it'll be updating...

Guys, are you really so sensitive?!! Please, don't be offended on me - it's not men's business to be offended! This app just a good joke and it's very funny.

They updated this app
Cool one! I liked calculators: both for men (to measure girl's @thing@) and for girls (3 different to measure our @tool@). Formula #2 rulzzz=).
What's more... Interesting advices about relations, about determining character through appearance, through alcohol. Try it.
-1 star because of orange-colored interface (hate orange color)))