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Here's a fun little story as we approach the end of another weekend. New Yahoo CEO, Marissa Meyer, has kicked off a new program at the company that will see all employees receive a brand new smartphone. Just so long as it isn't a BlackBerry. Instead, there's some pretty sweet Android devices on the list to replace those aging RIM phones that have been carried by employees for so long. 

The program is to be known as "Yahoo! Smart Phones, Smart Fun!" and is intended to get staff at the company using the same mobile technologies as their customers. So, should employees so desire a new Android smartphone free of charge -- and why wouldn't they -- they will be able to choose from a Samsung Galaxy S 3, a HTC One X or a HTC EVO 4G LTE. Or, some kind of Apple or Microsoft based products. 

While we may jest at this apparent misfortune for RIM in losing business from a pretty large company, there is something to it in the wider picture. Times are a changing, and BlackBerry is no longer the default choice for mobile solutions in business. Android is now a compelling enterprise choice, as are iOS and Windows Phone, and the move by Yahoo to adopt devices similar to their customers is an interesting one. 

On the other hand, we're actually pretty interested to see BlackBerry 10 -- if only so CrackBerry Kevin will finally be able to get a darn haircut -- because competition is good. Competition will make the mobile space better for all of us, whichever flavor OS tickles your fancy. 

Source:  Business Insider via WPCentral


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Yahoo staff all getting new phones, highlights growing changes in enterprise space


I'll freely admit I've got a soft spot for RIM. Partly because my first "smartphone" was a Blackberry Pearl (8130 variant), and partly because as a Canadian I'd like to see RIM succeed in the mobile market.

But as I said to my brother this weekend: BB10 pretty much has to blow current Android and iOS offerings out of the water. If it's only slightly better or (worst case) below par I'm pretty sure they are done for. Blackberry is done in the US, and for the most part in Canada as well. There are markets where RIM's devices are KING... but that may not be enough to save the company :(

As you said: Competition is good for us all, and if RIM can stay in the game it's good for all of us!

A friend of mine works for a large construction company in town, and they're getting rid of all their blackberry units. Unfortunately they are going with Apple, but at least he gets a free iPhone 5 and a new iPad. I can see most businesses going with Apple but I guess we will see.

RIP blackberry... the company I subcontract for has gnex with their own custom built ROM and securities baked in. Not none though, I own mine :)

For what? Yahoo! Search?
There is already a Bing search application which will return the same results.

Most of Yahoo!'s other properties already have their own applications. (Not that these couldn't stand to see a lot of improvement, mind)

You know, & this may be unpopular or non politically correct to say, but why does Marissa Meyer keep getting all good press? She has made no moves in her short tenure that can turn Yahoo around. Long term things still look bleak. But the tech press is fawning all over any news about her.

Now if I remember right, she was the 20th employee hired by Google? But she never got a top executive position while there. So Yahoo hires her, totally untested & unproven, to turn them around? Google is a very liberally progressive company. So I can't believe they wouldn't have taken the chance to elevate a very talented & skilled woman to a very high position. Especially a woman who was there so long.

Good luck Yahoo. You've got a long way to go to even survive. If your goal was to just get positive press then mission accomplished. Marissa Meyer was a great hire for you. Now it's time to actually right the ship.

This follows with Facebook telling their devs to use the phones their customers use in order to understand the experince better. Having the whole company on BlackBerries when a great deal of he market moved on a long time ago was silly and needed to be corrected. I am sure they would bring BB back if BB10 is successful.

On my GNote, AT&T has My Yahoo as the default browser page, just the other day they updated the site and it's much better looking and more useful than previous iterations.

After many steps of failing to get into the mobile space, this was a baby step in the right direction putting the staff on the phones that folks actually use.

As one of the leads on our BYOD pilot at work (Global F500 company, 2nd in our industry) we evaluated Android, iOS, and RIM phones and tablets, plus the TouchPad. IPhone4\S and iPad2 were eliminated early due to our intranet and training sites being full Flash apps. TouchPad was winning the tablet fight due to the pure multitasking until Leo the idiot Apotheker killed webOS.

RIMs play book was really good (because they Stole webOS's multitasking) but was deemed too small to be effective. The RIM phones were loved by all executives but we settled on Android for both. RAZR MAXX and ASUS Transformer.

Most here will probably say iPhone despite Android being better in 90% of comparisons.

I'd like to personally thank the AC Staff for not naming this article: Yahoo Gives iPhones to all their employees. Pretty much elsewhere it's listed as that for the headline when it's actually more than iPhones.