With the news that Google and Verizon will be co-developing Android phones for release on Verizon Wireless, we can't help but wonder what devices will be released and when. Considering that the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes has been endlessly pointed towards Verizon, we can surely expect that device to be one of the first Verizon Android efforts right? And, yep, it looks like Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams is holding the Motorola Droid aka Tao aka Sholes in his hand!

But what is Google CEO Eric Schmidt holding? From our perspective, it looks like a HTC-built Android device rocking HTC Sense. BGR reports that it may be a re-packaged version of the HTC Hero for Verizon (the typical Android hardware buttons are said to be touch-sensitive). But it could very well be the previously rumored HTC Desire. Either way, it looks like Verizon is going to be delivering on its promise of offering Android devices (and top tier ones to boot!). And soon.

To quote Verizon CEO Lowell McAdams:

“I don’t wanna leave the impression that you will have to wait until next year or our launch of 4G to see the fruits of this partnership.  In fact over the next several weeks, we’ll begin to announce the initial devices in this family of devices that you’ll see from us over the next several years.  So stay tuned for some game-changing products beginning in a few weeks."

This is absolutely great news for Android. The current smartphone selection on Verizon is weak, to say the least, and to add Android to the mix is going to be huge for the growth of Android. What's great to know is that Verizon is going to be completely on board with Android--Google Voice will even be approved because as Verizon says, you're either open, or you're not. We can't wait to see what other great devices will come out of this partnership and we have no doubt you guys are excited. Remember, this partnership isn't limited to just smartphones.

Verizon + Android? It really is going to be game changing.

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Verizon Promises 2 New Android Phones, Shown Off by CEO's


oh please shut the hell up verizon you need to get 2 and 3g to work first before you start talking about 4g

you dont seem to like leaving very educated responses on a well read website. you really should do some research about internet speeds and educate yourself in the realm of wireless speeds and what verizon speeds are compared to at&t and sprint and what LTE is going to bring. Just because VZW doesnt use the term 3g as often as other providers doesnt mean the speed is not there. Have a blessed day!

And you should take your own advice. VZW's network comes in a number 2 behind Sprint as attested to by several independent studies recently. Yes, VZW has faster in some areas, just as Sprint does in others and even AT&T beats both in some. Overall, Sprint as the best data network.

another shitty phone....the iphone is the best and unfortunately Verizon will NEVER get it...too bad! 10 year Verizon customer here but will be switching to ATT just to get the iphone...unreal!

You'll have a great phone but good luck using it. If you think AT&T can handle data speeds like Verizon can then you're in for a big surprise.


i phone is a pos! hey lets wait how long before we give these idots mms. Oh took till the 3rd gen? lets not forget that iphone sucks ass at multitasking. thanks att for shitty service and a shitty phone!!!

Funny. I just spoke w/rep at Best Buy who's ditching his Iphone for the Sprint HTC Hero. He'll be saving money because he's going to sign w/one of those $50/month plans and he can call anyone on any carrier. I'm sticking with VZ, but it's pretty smart if you just need to call people and don't mind taking a hit as far as the coverage goes...plus way better smart phones.

Why would you want the iphone? 50 additional dollars for txting and internet? with sprint on ANY phone you receive access to the internet, GPS, txting, mms, and anytime mobile to mobile all for 69.99 a month! anytime mobile to mobile is UNLIMITED to any cellular carrier in the US. anyone who calls sprint users from vzw or tmobile wont be charged for calls. BEST plan available yet!

69.99 for ALL available phones on sprints now network. ATT cant beat sprints prices at all.