Uber for Android

Starting this summer, the car service beloved by of us will become the AT&T bloatware loathed by, well, just about everyone.

Uber and AT&T today announced a partnership that will use the U.S. carrier's data in its cars. And in turn, Uber's app will be preloaded onto new Android phones on AT&T. (And it wouldn't at all surprise us to see the app show up in a ROM update for current phones, which has happened this year already.)

Here's how Uber puts it:

AT&T and Uber have joined forces—and networks—to deliver seamless Uber access to AT&T customers. Starting this summer, the Uber app will begin to be embedded in new AT&T Android phones. AT&T will also be one of Uber's key providers of new wireless service to drivers on the Uber platform in the United States, supporting Uber's rapid growth across the country, which currently includes more than 60 U.S. Uber cities.

Uber's goal is to make sure that anyone can open the Uber app anywhere and be able to connect with a safe, reliable and seamless ride through the Uber app.

That's great if you're in one of the 60 areas that Uber serves. (You can find that list here.) And if you're not? Well, it's just one more app that you won't use.

Source: Uber

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Tyndall says:

Ugh, more bloatware. Obviously consumers are incapable of figuring out how to download a desirable app from the Play store. So thoughtful of ATT to do it for them.

shamatua says:

going to say the same thing.

As much as I hate bloatware, I'd hate it much less if it contained an uninstall option. Why the hell is that so hard a concept for the carriers to grasp???

Cause they dont want you to uninstall it...

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TenshiNo says:

Unfortunately, this is exactly why. If you could uninstall it, the carriers would have less leverage to demand money for putting it on there. They (for some reason) think that if they shove down our throats long enough, we'll eventually give up and start using it.

TenshiNo says:

My thoughts *exactly*.

Was going to say the same also smh

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dirtydog74 says:

Funny how Uber is growing so fast but yet it's being outlawed in so many places just as fast.

NoNexus says:

Is att the undisputed winner in the Bloat war for carriers?

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IDK. Verizon is right in there with them.

Analyss14 says:

American always think they have it worse (It's okay I am American) but I've used phones in many different countries before and while some aren't as bad some are just worse. I lived in Japan for a while and if you want to talk about carrier bloatware just get a Docomo phone. It's ridiculous the number of useless apps they pre-load and at least At&t makes the effort to bring you some apps from third parties, Docomo fills your phone with Docomo branded redundant apps.

Jonneh says:

Did you try AU or KDDI or Softbank, too, to compare? Also, did you arrive via the JET Program, or another route such as Interac?

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Analyss14 says:

Softbank can be just as worse, especially if you get a Sony or Samsung device. It's just one of those things you should expect no matter who yo go with unless of course you buy an iPhone. The one and only thing I miss about using/owning a Japanese cell phone is that they had the best flip phones, long after it became passe in the U.S. Japanese companies were still churning out great flip (smart) phones.

As for how I arrived, I have family in Japan so I visit periodically but I lived there for about three years straight as a student at Tokyo University. If you speak fluent Japanese or at the very least are proficient enough in the language and have a way of getting to the country outside of the JET program then I would recommend applying for the a teaching job from the schools directly. The JET program can be a great opportunity but I've heard a lot of horror stories.

Headline for next April Fool's Day:

AT&T reaches deal with Google to preload all Android apps onto AT&T phones.

Great for those 60 cities that have this. As for the rest of us... What's an Uber?
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travaz says:

UGH Give me something usefull like the Playboy app!! Not some crap app that I cant uninstall and don't/cant use/ Shame on At&T. I suppose now i will get a bunch of crap on my Direct TV

vividrich says:

Couldn't imagine getting a carrier phone again. Love not having to worry about this crap.

thatguy97 says:

Not everyone wants to pay 500+ for a phone unlocked

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vividrich says:

You pay more than that on contract, just not all at once.

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suavemezie says:

That's the reason why I always go for Nexus phones

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Another reason to stay off att... If all carriers do it, I'll get an iPhone.

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hmmm says:

Awesome bloat.

Dr. Triffid says:

This will be a dramatic improvement to my daily phone experience in northern West Virginia.

Thanks, AT&T!

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aslowe says:

I love Uber and use it. I agree with everyone's consensus though. Phones don't need more bloatware. Especially if you can't remove it.

D13H4RD2L1V3 says:

Although I'd find this useful, just let me install it.

I appreciate your help, AT&T, but I'm a grown-up. I can do it myself. ;)

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