Moto X Find my Phone

'You can't find your phone? Where's the last place you had it?'

More often than not, that's the answer I get when I can't find something and ask a human being where it might be. Helpful, right? Yeah, not so much.

Motorola this week added in a voice-activated (ahem, "Touchless Control") feature that helps you find your phone if you've left it laying around somewhere. Speak the words "OK, Google Now." (And then wait a few seconds, because there's still a wee bit of latency there.) Then follow up with "Find my phone." Providing that your phone can hear you, you'll be rewarded with an active sonar-sounding ping

That's all fine and dandy if your phone's out in the open somewhere — it's just that you don't know where it is. 

But what if your phone's fallen into the couch cushions? Or slipped between the sheets? Only one way to find out.

So this is by no means a scientific test, and your results absolutely will vary, depending on just how buried your phone is, how noisy the room is — and how close you manage to get to it in the first place. But tucked under some hotel blankets is a decent initial test.

Thanks, Google Now.


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Testing the voice-activated 'find my phone' feature on the Moto X


This touchless stuff needs to come to nexus 5 pleaseee making it really hard with this wait to not just say hey wait a week or so later for the moto x on republic wireless

Article about Moto X:
First 2 comments about Nexus 5.

Anyways this is a pretty handy feature. I would imagine you would look pretty funny walking around talking to your lost phone.


with the repubilc wireless offering a 300$ moto x it is very easy to compare to nexus 5 at around 350 so for money they are my idea of top android phones at price range

I turned touchless control off on my Moto X, I'll use it when riding my bike or have my hands full carrying a large box or groceries or whatever, but other than that I'm always using it with my hands.

My mother could certainly use a feature like this, she spends more time searching for her phone (and car keys) than anything else, some people...

It doesn't seem very useful if you're not near it...But if you had a Google watch that was connected to your phone....

Your google watch would still have to be within 30 feet, the effective bluetooth range.

Phil was all of 3 feet away.

In our tests, even if you were in a direct "line of shout" this feature works about 10% of the time.

It often hears the "ok google now" part, but getting the timing right for the "find my phone" is 90% fail.

Good news is that when it doesn't get that part it eventually beeps the "didn't get that beep". So be very quiet, and you might hear that. Just as easy to call it from another phone.

How dare they make money and spend it how they like! They should be reporting the latest Android news from a tent!

I sure hope the Nexus 5 has these nice features and avail on all major US carriers. If so, I may switch from my S4.

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Apparently I sound like Phil because I just watched the video on my Moto X and his voice activated my touchless control twice. Maybe some retraining is in order? Made me chuckle.

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I've heard that a picture of John Belushi unlocks his phone with face unlock enabled as well.

"Hello Google........ Google? Hey, Google!"
Walks to kitchen, picks up house phone. Dials Note 3.
Oh, there you are!

I never wait 3 seconds after I say, "Okay Google Now." At the most, I wait 1 second before making my request. Usually, I finish my question or statement before my Moto X's screen wakes up and the Google Now application opens. But the Moto X happily goes about analyzing what I just said (because it must have recorded it) -- then it goes ahead and fulfills my request. This works maybe 90% of the time.

I love my Moto X. Coming from a G'Nex on VZW (running Shiny ROM), and a Nexus 4 on T-Mobile prepaid, the Moto X is truly awesome.

This video activated my Touchless control on my phone. Thanks!

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