Got Root?

The first thing I do with a review phone after I'm finished writing the review is to try to root it. Tonight was that night with the Sprint Optimus G, and it went rather well.

After a bit of Google Translate, I found the root method for the Korean Optimus G and had to try. It's based (either in whole or in part -- I don't read Vietnamese) on the Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean adb restore exploit discovered by Bin4ry and does the job easily.

The November 11 release can't come soon enough. Hit the forums for the details, and stay tuned for that review while it gets its final editing!

How to root the Sprint G Optimus G (Windows only)

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kamiller42 says:

This is a great news. Debating this phone or next Nexus. Will be very anxious to see Optimus G vs. Nexus G comparisons.

jimmiekain says:

I worry that with sprint getting this phone they wont get the nexus since they are so similar.

This and the nexus is basically the same phone.

Floss82 says:

Next Nexus of course

JaredCormier says:

How about the AT&T version? Oh, and care to peek at the bootloader on these, too?

DaGODFather says:

Sprint rulez...and so WILL LG...

riceatusc says:

2 things-
1- is the bootloader locked?
2- does this device support google wallet?

simp0922 says:

2 Answers:

1-Yes (unfortunately)
2- No (same)

However there is a petition on for lg to unlock the bootloader. Sign it and tell your friends!!

vinny jr says:

This looks like the best version of the LG, I would jump on this phone but Sprint has the worst and slowest Network. Too Bad. That is a nice phone.

at&t has the phone to, so you still can get it . that's if you like at&t.

simp0922 says:

Anyone know the method to un-root this phone? I'm a noob when it comes to rooting droids and would like to make sure it's possible to undo before I go ahead with it.