SlingPlayer for Tablets

Hey SlingBox users, good news! Your SlingPlayer app was recently updated. While the changes aren't breathtaking, they are very welcome, as are most updates.

If you're using SlingPlayer on your phone you'll be greeted with an updated look to the app and a new program guide.  However the biggest update comes if your device is running  ICS or Jelly Bean, as you'll be happy to see higher quality video with this update. Nexus 7 users have received an optimized interface with the new update and a common update for both is the ability to set reminders for upcoming shows.

source: Google Play - SlingPlayer for Phones & Tablets

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lfeuln says:

Before there was essentially no difference between SD and HD modes and the picture quality was notably inferior to the iPhone. Much appreciated (and overdue) update!

epic1 says:

Leaps and bounds better than the version before - awesome update.

Sh3ngLong says:

Finally they update this app!!

+ The video quality is sooo much better now on my EVO LTE.
+ I'm liking the new UI, look and feel.
+ Love the translucent Program Guide over the video. Scrolling through the Guide is very smooth and fast. Makes it very easy to surf through the Guide and change channels quickly.
+ The "Reminder Alert" is a really cool feature. You just tap and hold a program from the Guide to quickly set up a Reminder Alert. Then a couple of minutes before your program starts, you will get a SlingPlayer notification. Tap at that notification and it will launch the SlingPlayer app and take you directly to that channel. I'll be using this feature a lot with my Laker games. :)

- I still wish they added the ability to adjust the audio bitrate.
- I prefer the old app icon. The new one is too hot (bright red) for me. Just being nitpicky here. :)

Overall, I'm loving this update.

moosc says:

Will the dish app get same update?

Hand_O_Death says:

The Vulkano app was also recently updated and works great on my nexus 7

BodaciousOne says:

Is there an app for Slingplayer for my nook HD? It has Android 4.0 ICS. I want to be able to watch live sports on my tablet (reader) outdoors. Do I need to get a different tablet? Thanks in advance!

Lesdense says:

With the update can you manually adjust bitrate? On one of my devices SD plays smoothly but is grainy while HD is razor sharp but the bitrate keeps rising and rising until it chokes the device and the stream stutters and stalls. On the old desktop Slingbox app you could manually adjust bitrate. If the Android app had this feature it'd dramatically improve my results.

Also ... what is the difference(s) between Slingbox for Phone and Slingbox for Tablet?