S Voice Easter egg

Samsung's voice assistant on the Galaxy S4 burns rival Apple

S Voice is Samsung's take on a voice-based personal assistant. And by that we mean it's heavily inspired by Apple's Siri on the iPhone. So it's no surprise -- if a little amusing -- to see Samsung's app poking fun at its long-time rival. On the international Samsung Galaxy S4 (and some other Samsung phones -- we've had varying results), asking S Voice if it's ever used an iPhone prompts the response "No, I have standards." Ask it "Are you Siri?" and it's a little more coy -- "I like to think I am." But it stops short of any direct attacks -- ask it "Do you like Apple?" and it tells you it has no problems with anyone, but its loyalties lie with Samsung.

It's one of a few Easter eggs we've run into in S Voice. Back when it launched on the Galaxy S3 we put it to the "woodchuck test," which it passed with flying colors. If you've run into any cheeky behavior from S Voice, be sure to hit the comments and share them with the world.


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"Have you ever used an iPhone?" "No, I have standards"


Tried it on my GS3, it works. Kinda tongue in cheek, fun humor but I know others will just take it and run a Flame War!

I just asked SIRI if she liked Samsung phones, and she said "I´d rather not say". I then asked, do you like Android phones, and she responded, "This is about you, not me". I finally asked which is better Apple or Android and she said quite cheekily, "That one, NO, wait, that one. Oh, I can´t decide."

What´s up with that?

I think Apple needs to spruce up SIRI a bit. I like the Samsung responses better. :D

P.S. I do remember asked a similar question in the past, and she said "Is there any other phone?" or something to that effect, but I couldn´t get her to do it now.

Yea... I never owned an Iphone but I would play with siri on my friend's iphone just to ask it silly questions and see how it would respond. The original siri was more fun and had whitty responses like these. At first if you asked it what the best phone out it would say "samsung galaxy s" and then at some point it changed to say "you mean there is another phone?". Now it's more useful but less whitty.

i asked my s3 if she was siri. her response: i dont discriminate. i could be friends i could be friends with anyone who is kind and intelligent. i also asked do u like apple. her response : i have no problems with anyone, even though my loyalty lies with samsung. i then asked how much would could a woodchuck chuck if woodchuck could chuck wood. her response: a woodchuck would chuck all the wood he could chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.

That's weird, I thought I was just someone who purchased the phone that best suited my needs...
Didn't realize the cult membership was required.

Haha thanks for showing us. I have a Note 2 and it does the same. But when I asked it if it likes Samsung, it said that it had "no specific answers for that, let me search the internet"

20+Years In It Worked On One Mac/Apple!Product&Never Wanted To Use A Ios Device To Each There Own Though.

I wonder is the S4 interpreted "Siri" and "Serious" as the same? If you ask "are you serious", does it give the same response?

I just asked S voice if it likes HTC. It replied "I have never thought of it before". Lmao, htc is even irrelevant to s voice. Poor htc, can't ever catch a break. #thingssvoicesays

I just came from iPhone 5 to the gs4 and I love the gs4 screen size and phones festures but I'm quickly missing ios for a lot of apps that aren't available on android and some ios features that you miss but the gs4 will hold off till the iPhone 6. ,,

"missing ios for a lot of apps that aren't available on android" - just out of interest, which apps are you missing? I came from iPhone 4S to a Nexus 4 and I was pleasantly surprised that all the apps/workflows I had on the iPhone I could find Android versions of or find decent, sometimes better, alternatives to on the Nexus 4. I'm happy to share some recommendations.

Asked if it likes the galaxy note. Responded "thats one of my relatives! I hear its doing better than everyone predicted".

That's no surprise because sasung always surpasses apple with their great software and understanding of what their customer really want on their devices.

Look, you mean half baked show off features that give a great retail/demo experience in store. And gets turned off within a week when people realize they don't work proper AND lag up the device while eating battery power?

I much more wish they did the Apple approach of actually making features work before launch (except for apple maps of course). I prefer a few featuresThat inserted of ALOT that only works once in store and once when showing it off to my friends. I buy phones for my use, not to show them off to people.
Posted from my nexus 4. After playing with the air gestures on the s4 in a retail store (hint: they only semi work)

Then why the backlash everywhere over the S4.
Cheap plastic construction.
Bloated dated Touchwiz.
Features that don't work.
Terrible service and support.
Minimal space for data and apps.

Who was asking for any of that?

I just switched from the iPhone 4s to a GS4, smartest move I've ever made. Even dumped my iPad for a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Siri was fun to mess with - thought it would be useful in the car while driving, but through the hands free blue tooth system, it was horrible. There would be times I would ask it where to find a certain pizza place. I remember it saying the closest one was in Chicago. Couple problems with that, I knew there was a location a few miles away, and I'm in upstate NY - Chicago is a little ways away. And no, I didn't ask for a deep dish style pie.

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Basic matter is google has the best search engine in this earth, means they have the most data in their server. so google now is the best in voice search. S voice is also a very cool app.

Apple should edit, change or add huge things in their iOS, if they really wanna live in smartphone world, no alternative.

Thanks in Advance

Wasnt to see/hear something funny, ask it "what's the best cell phone" and see the results, then ask it "what's the best smart phone" and see what you get.

Best Cell Phone gave me a bunch of IPhone Choices. Best smartphone gave me "If you are looking for the next big thing look at Samsung Galaxy"

LOL - I posted that on my Facebook page, ticked off a bunch of ppl, they all have iPhones !!!
Wahahahaha !!!

Ah, iSheep will be iSheep, putting down anything else out there that's not from Apple and is not the "revolutionary iPhone with a laughingly breakable exterior and specs that would be high-end a few years ago". Such people will never know about "true" innovation.

I tried to play with one at the Verizon store while waiting to get my Galaxy S3 and couldn't figure out the simplest tasks such as adding a googke calendar. So happy with my SG3, iPhone has a great design and build quality but thats all.

how? I like samsung's commercials because they show you real world uses for their new features while making a joke at how an Iphone cant do it.

This is EXACTLY how apple made a comeback, made fun of windows by making PC users to be dorks and pointed out what a Mac can do that a pc couldn't.

from your comment it suggests you are just mad at samsung's commercials because they are true. Apple's commercials lately have been pretty blah. Their commercials try to justify why we finally went to a 4 inch screen because my tiny hand can push the buttons without using the second hand. End commercial. That was it?

I think that they are iving you more bell and whistles for your money to make up for their phone not having the build quality of other phones. The may feel cheaper in your hand but no one can deny that they have done a great job with all the may gimmicks as some like to call it including my sel at first but it not a gimmick if you can find yourself using it software that no one else has anywhere on a phone.

I asked mys3 if it likes the iphone and it said and " Its not quite as great as i am and also that it doesn't have time the think about other phones when I asked what does it think about the iphone.

I asked her where she was from. She said something like this: "All I can tell you is that I saw a hack saw and a state-of-the-art research lab when I first opened my eyes."

I just love apple products ...It's branded and everyone are passionate to buy it and use it . I dont even compare it with samsung it is unique .