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It should come as no surprise that Samsung is working on next-gen smartphones and tablets -- after all, every major manufacturer is engaged in the development of new products. But the latest round of rumors from SamMobile could shed some light on specific details of Samsung's upcoming tablets and phones. The site has proved accurate with earlier Samsung leaks, so we're inclined to give these reports a bit more time than the average Internet rumor.

Citing sources in Samsung's native South Korea, SamMobile claims the next-generation Galaxy S device (think Galaxy S4) is known internally as "Project J," and that current timetables call for an announcement in April 2013. As the Galaxy S3 was unveiled in London in early May this year, that means we could see a successor launch as the S3 turns one year old.

A new, budget-friendly Galaxy Note variant is also reportedly in the works. Apparently aimed at the European market and lacking S Pen support, the device likely won't wear the "Galaxy Note" branding if and when it appears. SamMobile speculates that Samsung might not use its leading HD SuperAMOLED display tech in this device.

Finally, a 13.3-inch ASUS Transformer-style device -- a tablet with QWERTY keyboard dock -- is also said to be planned, though there's no word on whether this will run Android, Windows or some other OS.

The "Galaxy S4" or "Project J" reports aren't particularly surprising; most manufacturers tend to release a new flagship phone every twelve months. But the introduction of a large-screen device with a more budget-oriented price tag would be an interesting development indeed -- right now, more affordable devices tend to top out at around 4.3 inches.

We'd take these latest rumors with a pinch of salt in any case. No doubt we'll learn more about Samsung's upcoming mobile devices at the CES and MWC shows over the next few months.

Source: SamMobile


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Rumor mill hints at upcoming Samsung phones and tablets


I wonder if the Asus 13.3 inch transformer-like tablet isn't the Asus Transformer Book that's likely to come out early next year. It's 13.3 inches but will run Windows 8. Then again, that's already been announced and this is very early rumor stuff. Wouldn't be surprised to see Asus make something similar in an Android flavor.

He said it would by LIKE the Asus Transformer in that it has a keyboard dock, but made by Samsung. This article is about Samsung rumors. But I agree that it will probably be running Windows 8.

The last thing Samsung should do is release another mid level device with Galaxy in the name, it's losing it's meaning.

The S2 launched in may 2011, The S3 followed a year AND a month later, so I hope the S4 follows that (logical) pattern. I don't want to see the S4 on the shelf till July 2013. But then again they'll probably stick with the huge phone trend, in which case I won't want it.
I will be waiting until the S4 unveiling/announcement before buying my next phone.
The S4 will have to be special and not so-so like the S3 in order to win me over. No compromises please, The S3 is just a super S2 with an arguably inferior camera.

Due to specification comparisons in the high end of the market, we can expect a 4.99 inch display for the S4, with a 1920x1080 resolution, and a quad-core processor. These are pretty much going to be the minimums needed to be seen as a flagship device in the second half of 2013. The big area for improvement will be build quality, and getting it so the phone can survive the drop tests. Camera isn't the end all, be all thing to aim for, but since we see 13MP cameras showing up from various companies, we can expect that in the S4 as well.

I can't wait till CES! I think this year we will see some amazing products and loads of ground breaking "innovation & features".
If they could just combine the event with the Victoria Secret fashion show my life would be complete.

It would be nice if they would just release the QI wireless charger for the products that they currently have.

I applaud Samsung 100% they really bring the real deal to the table. I owned the Galaxy S3 from June 28th 2012 to November 14th 2012. Then just recently purchased my now Galaxy Note 2 November 15th. I am extremely satisfied with the BEST productivity/all purpose device on the market. My next purchase will be the Galaxy Note 3 without fail in the ladder part of 2013. Samsung is doing major things in the tech game and nobody's bringing anything to the table better.