Looking for a convenient way to prop up your Droid Incredible? Let's take a quick look at the Smartphone Experts Desktop Stand.

Made of genuine leather, black with contrasting stitching, it provides a convenient way to prop up your Droid smartphone on your desk. Small and lightweight, it can lay flat for transportation (i.e. taking it to and from the office).

The video after the break will give you an idea of how it looks and how to assemble -- a simple process that involves bending the leather stand and tucking a tab into one of two holes, which sets the prop angle.

This stand is simple but does its job well. You can get the Smartphone Experts Desktop Stand for $14.95 in the AndroidCentral Store.  Also, note that it will work with most other Android smartphones.


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Review: Smartphone Experts Desktop Stand



the unrevoked team has done it again , they have completed their recovery reflash tool for the incredible and some enterprising modders over at xda are already flashing roms .
One has built a kernelfor overclocking and they have it running at 1267 mhz .
which means its only a matter of time before those gods of code over at xda have some frozen delicious goodness available to us neglected incredible owners in the form of froyo roms.
It’s a celebration beeyatches rejoice!!!

Nice, but you can't charge or plug in the USB cable with phones that have the connector at the bottom.

This is horrible. Why aren't there any solid stands or chargers like there are for the DROID? One of the main reasons I am so excited about dropping my BB was to get a bedside charger for the DROID. I want to be able to use the alarm clock and weather widget.

When the Incredible came out and I was hooked. Only problem is, there are no desk/night stand chargers. What gives?

Meh. I accomplished the exact same thing with a piece of card stock and a couple staples. I used it for my BB Storm (and 8830 before that). I may not have been snazzy leather, but it did the same job and cost me $0 (the card stock and staples were from the office).


I'm still hoping for a decent desktop charger for the Droid Incredible. In the meantime I'm using a very inexpensive Insten Universal Desktop Cradle that works very nicely and is very well made. It is mini usb, so I just had to add a mini to micro usb cable. The whole thing was less than half the cost of the reviewed item. The only downside is that it is a little hard to use the buttons on the bottom of the screen. I think if I add a little strip of foam or something to the bottom of the tray in the stand, then it will be just perfect, for now.