Samsung Replenish

Sprint's eco-friendly Samsung Replenish will available in a "Raspberry Pink" flavor beginning this Sunday, July 24. The mid-level device, which we first met back in April, sports a full portrait QWERTY keyboard and is made of 80 percent recycled materials. The Replenish is also available in Onyx Black and Arctic Blue colors. This raspberry can be picked at Best Buy, Radio Shack, or any Sprint retail channel for a cool $50 with a two-year contract.

Source: Sprint


Reader comments

Raspberry Pink Samsung Replenish available from Sprint beginning July 24


This phone has serious memory storage capacity issues. 15 decent apps and you are full. Cannot move apps to the SD card either. Just not a well functioning phone. Screen stinks, too.

I've had the displeasure of using one for a period of time. It is seriously lacking.

Keyboard is s0-so at best.

Look elsewhere.

It runs Froyo, so about half of available apps can be moved to the SD card. And further support will be provided with a Gingerbread update, which this phone should receive in 2012. Yes, memory space is still very limited. But essentially, this is an Optimus S witha keyboard. Same processor. Same internal ROM storage.