Polk Audio Headphones

Polk Audio, makers of quality headphones and speaker systems, is announcing today that it will be offering three different headphones made specifically to work with Android devices. The headphones offer full call, volume and music controls with microphones as well. The models are part of the "UltraFit" line and are appended with "a" in the model name to indicate their functionality. You'll find the UltraFit 1000a, 2000a and 3000a are available now in the $70 to $100 price range.

Although there is a spec for headphones that work with Android devices, we've yet to see quite the set of offerings that users of Apple devices have had for years. Hopefully with Polk kicking things off, other manufacturers can follow suit.

Source: Polk Audio


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Polk Audio announcing 3 new headphones made specifically for Android


Indeed. I don't like the earbuds that come with the Galaxy S III but I love the comfort of the Apple Ear Pods. The only problem is that they do not work well together at all...

They have one. Its the Android compatible cable, runs about $50. Has a single button on it and a mic. I love the 535s, so awesome.

and most Apple products do the same too. What this article is saying getting 3 button functionality (e.g. not just that one button for play/pause) so that you'll have volume control via the cable as well.

How about just decent USB out so that we can match our Android devices with a quality DAC & amp and some real headphones. Right now only the S3 and Note2 do this and only with a limited number of USB DACs.