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If you're anything like us, you'll have plenty of wall chargers left over from devices you've long since parted company with. Observe above, the battered husk of our two and a half year-old HTC Desire charger, still in service today. Knowing that many older chargers are still in use, O2 UK and HTC have decided to take a radical step to cut down on waste, and presumably save a bit of cash at the same time. 

The two are to offer an upcoming, unnamed HTC flagship device with a microUSB cable, but no charger, in an effort to improve their green credentials. The operator claims that 70 percent of all phone buyers already have a "relevant charger" at home. And according to a report on UK tech site Pocket-Lint this morning, O2 and HTC are serious about this latest endeavor.

"I have a simple vision for O2: we want to take chargers out of boxes full stop," said Ronan Dunne, CEO of O2. "Right now, O2 with HTC has to go it alone on this matter - we both believe in it passionately enough that we can’t wait for the industry as a whole to join us in this crusade. That said, we hope that we will be able to pave the way for others to follow us as this has to be a collective effort if we are to achieve the bigger aim of eliminating chargers sold with every new phone in the UK."

We're all for cutting down on unnecessary waste, but from our perspective, the most interesting thing about this story is that it tacitly confirms that we're due a new HTC flagship in the weeks ahead, and that O2 will offer it. The fact that the device itself is unnamed suggests it's yet to be announced -- possibilities include the rumored One X+ and One X 5. We'll be watching with interest to see what devices emerge from HTC and O2 as 2012 draws to a close.

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O2 UK to sell upcoming HTC flagship phone without charger


Excellent! I think I have 5 or 6 floating in a drawer in my house. The one for my wife's phone, she didn't even bother using because she bought a charging dock. I like it.

I find microusb cables wear out rapidly. I have to replace mine quite often. At least they are including that.

I dunno I think it still seems odd for a "flagship" phone.

Given what most carriers charge for chargers (no pun intended) I would hope a similar price reduction or the option to bundle it with one.

Any flagship phone that ships without a charger is no sale for me. I'd rather they do away with the Apple style expensive packaging and possibly even the headphones.

Maybe O2 could set up something where people could bring in their old chargers and get them recycled for free.

Most of my chargers are either cheap, Chinese made ones that die fairly easily or other branded cables. I think the last thing HTC wants is me using BlackBerry or Nokia or Motorola branded cables.

And I know I'm probably going to get some grief for saying why get rid of the headphones, but almost all of the time, these headphones are super cheap and budget quality. They just have a slight design and brand on them. If no headphones meant a reduction in price, it'd be great. I never use the headphones that come with phones.

Yeah the packaging for these phone are ridiculous, especially when you only look at them one time. But i guess its a image thing but I would be good with recycled packing than without the wall charger that i use everyday.

The most amazing thing you said was that you've actually had a charger fail!

I have a drawer full of old phones and other battery devices, all in various states disuse or disrepair, but every charger works perfectly! All of them!

They didn't say chargers wouldn't be available, they just said that 90 percent of us get welcome price break, while you stomp off somewhere else to by the last phone on earth that comes with a charger.

I didn't see any mention in the article about a price break.

Something tells me the phone is going to be the same price - you'll just be minus a charger.

What world do you live in that you think HTC would pass the savings on to the consumer? Most likely the price would remain the same and they'd just start selling their own chargers for $30 bucks separately.

When have you ever seen a large corporation decide to skimp on profits for the "sake" of consumers in the modern world?

Amusing that HTC and O2 are doing this to save waste, but Apple are adding waste by having a stupid non standard interface that requires an over priced adaptor.

I'm sure these stats are true, but not all chargers are suitable for devices other than the one they came with. Blackberry chargers are completely useless for example.

That's good, these chargers usually retail for $20-$30! By not including it they can pass the savings on down to the consumer...

Also, yet another stupid move by HTC. What do these geniuses do while at work? "Hey Bob, we are constantly losing market space to Apple and Samsung and we keep ending in the red every quarter. Putting non-removable batteries, locked bootloaders that people can unlock and void their warranty if they want and removing removable storage hasn't seemed to boost sales like we had hoped. What do you think about maybe removing the charger, we could save a couple of bucks since people have them already and the ones that don't or want a new one we can bang them up at retail for $29!" WINNAR!!!!

I like this idea.

It reminds me of when I bought my push lawn mower. They stopped providing the grass thrower BUT if you really wanted one, they'd send it to you for free. Saves on waste and money...I'm in.

I think a similar situation should be set up. This phone doesn't come with a charger - if you want one, here's a free one. If not, even better.

If I was buying a new phone, I'd skip the charger.

If they are offered for free to those that want them, I am ok with this. If they want $5 for it, then no, I am not.

What if the phone is 50 dollars cheaper without the charger, and there is a wall full of generic chargers for $8 o display? You still throwing a fit about that?

But it won't be. I guarantee the price of the phones will not go down due to this.

And the retail price of the HTC charger won't be $5 either, it will be more like $20. And it will certainly piss off new owners that didn't know there was no charger in the box. Then they get a cheapy charger and not realize that it is taking twice as long to charge the phone (or in some cases it doesn't work at all).

I don't like this idea. The 3rd party chargers are usually pretty junky and never the 1A charge rate of HTC chargers. Plus, I sell my phones and the charger goes with them usually. I doubt this will happen in the US.

This is just a cost saving measure for HTC disguised as a "green" initiative. Don't think for a minute that they will lower the price of the phone as a result of not including a charger. Rather, they will be selling chargers that used to be included for free for an extra $20 or $30.

If they offered a program whereby those who didn't need USB chargers could turn them in and those who DID need them could get one for free--then fine. That's not what they are doing.

I'm likely switching from an iPhone this year to an Android phone -- and don't have a single USB charger so I guess I'll just pass on any phone that doesn't include one.

Yeah, that's how I choose my phone too. By the charger. Yup.

Hint: your iphone charger will work fine with android.

"...O2 and HTC are serious about this latest endeavor" (emphasis mine). Was that pun intended? (The codename for the One X was the Endeavor, and the rumored One X+ is called the Endeavor C2.)

As far as this news, I hope they still provide wall chargers separately. This EVO LTE is my first smartphone, so I didn't have a "relevant charger" before I bought it.

And if they really want to go green, they should reuse USB cables. When I got my phone, the Sprint employee gave me an LG cord with my car charger. He said they're supposed to cut them and throw them away, even though they work just fine. Funny, I actually use the LG cable most of the time (it's both thicker and slightly longer) and save my HTC cord for the car charger.

Though this sounds good in theory, I feel it won't catch on in the long run. There are at least 2 billion people in the world without cell phones. Many of these 2 billion+ people will end up having cell phones bc a large number of them (1.8 billion) are 14 and under and don't have cell phones (for the vast majority). If you said that upgraded/renewed accounts would not receive a charger, then that has the potential to last since all companies look to cut costs.

Bull$#!t I do not have chargers that are not in use today. When I get a new phone, I usually include the charger with sale of the old phone. Also, I like having an extra charger. I have one at my desk, by my bed and in my car in case I need a charge at work. I'll take the charger, bring it on.

This is not a green initiative in the sense of saving the environment. This is a green initiative to start a money saving trend. If they can sell tons of these phones, they will never include a charger with a new phone again. LIKE EVER!

Yeah maybe a lot of people do have these things floating around their house. But I am sure there are also a ton of people who do not. 1st time smartphone owners. People who always sell their devices w/ the charger. I personally have a bunch, and it would be nice to see the price of the phone come down $20, but I doubt that will happen.

But like some of you said, would be cool if they still offer it to you for free if you really need/want one.

You still get the cable, which can be plugged into a USB port to charge.

HTC OEM wall chargers are currently going from $5-10 on - there's no law mandating that you have to buy it at a retail price.

They're working on the assumption that people keep their old phones and therefore chargers. Lots of people either sell or pass down their old phones to other people, including the charger.

Considering how badly HTC are doing at the moment they should be giving customers more rather than less :o\

oops wasn't meant as a reply to the above comment.

Of course, you'll still have to pay the same price for the phone; no discount for it lacking the charger. But you'll have to pay probably $30 (or the equivalent) to buy a charger. Probably $50 for an HTC branded one.

And all the US carriers will follow suit once they think they can get away with it.