Netflix is one of the few apps that the vast majority of Android users have been dying to have on their devices. Today Netflix released its first Android app, which will initially be available to a select number of phones. Those phones are:

  • HTC Incredible with 2.2+
  • HTC Nexus One with 2.2+
  • HTC EVO 4G with 2.2+
  • HTC G2 with 2.2+
  • Samsung Nexus S with 2.3+

The Netflix team wrote a blog post about the release, citing that this is only the first roll-out phase and the app is going to come to more devices soon:

The Market download will initially be available only on select phones that currently have the requisite playback support. We expect to quickly add to the number of phones that can download from Android Market as we work with ecosystem partners to expand playback support.

They also stated the delay for their app has been due to a lack of standard streaming playback capability that is causing them to test each device individually. They anticipate more support in the "coming months".

Congrats to those with the phones listed above as you now have Netflix in your pocket on your Android device. This is great news for the platform as a whole and shows that Netflix is committed to bringing their product to Android. Find the Market link after the break.

Source: Netflix


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Netflix finally releases their Android app, only available for select phones initially


That was just a coincidence, you must have had the automatically update option checked for Flash in the Market. I installed Netflix, verified it could stream and then I saw your post. I checked for Flash and I hadn't installed it on my EVO yet after the latest version of Cyanogenmod and it didn't auto-install with Netflix.

WHOOOOHOOOOOOO!!! NOW All i need is a netflix subscription... And all WE Need is HULU .... we already are getting Movie renting from Google. Android is EXPLODING! I LOVEI IT.

Now I have a real reason to get a Honeycomb tablet!

So how soon until they support tablets? And will they have to test all the Honeycomb devices separately also? Those basically have the same innards so it should be easier i think.

Finally - but it doesn't even let you manage your queue if you have one of their low-pay accounts. For example, I have the 1-at-a-time, 2x a month, +BluRay plan - and it won't let me log in. EVO.

works for me too. I also have same account. I never use mail in dvd's. If I absolutely have to see it now, then i just go to redbox. lol

That is a different plan than the one he has. He is on the $4.99 "Limited" plan. You have to have an "Unlimited" $7.99+ plan to use the app.

No, my GOOGLE Nexus S is running Vanilla Android, your Epic is running some Sherbet iPhone looking Android version on your Epic. Def not the same.

No, my GOOGLE Nexus S is running Vanilla Android, your Epic is running some Sherbet iPhone looking Android version on your Epic. Def not the same.

wouldnt hold my breath, Samsung has their own movie type service thats way overpriced, so i wouldn't count on it.

Not available in my country? I have a Netflix account and a Nexus S, but I can't download the app... :-(

I don't understand why the Thunderbolt or Droid Incredible 2 didn't get this....prerequisite? Certainly if the original Incredible got this, then these two are in the clear...

Don't 2/3 of all the smartphones out there have the same damn screen at this point (resolution wise). Every phone that comes out wvga, wvga,'s like a broken record.

Working fine on my CM7 Dinc. Works on 2.2+, so there is no reason to downgrade to 2.2 (unless you for whatever reason are using a 2.1 rom still)

yay!! Downloaded on my Dinc! Now I am waiting for my Girlfriend to email me the password for NF. I can't remember it... LOL

Apparently there's no love for the HTC Droid Incredible 2 though... won't seem to work. Hope this gets changed soon.

Apparently there's no love for the HTC Droid Incredible 2 though... won't seem to work. Hope this gets changed soon.

Just tried it with the EVO 4g. Long loading time ,but it could just be my network.Other than that,works great. Cannot wait until it is released for the Xoom.

Meh. I couldn't care less about streaming a movie on my phone. I just want an official, non-Air app for managing my queue. Hell, I'd settle for a decent mobile Netflix site, and they can't even seem to do *that*.

damn getting low on space message for 22 megs of a netflix app, Dinc1

anyone else getting this problem?

Clearing Cache and history haven't done crap.

it's about the processor. the Qualcomm chips are better with content protection. The TI chips aren't (yet)

i guess this puts to rest the argument from a while back that new processors (1.2 Snapdragons) would need to be in the phones/pre-installed with the app for Netflix to work.

come on Thunderbolt!

I'd like to break up the complaints of "why not my phone?" by saying this app works great on my Nexus One that is listed above.

i bet that ~11mb is some sort of file we don't have to make ours work. I wonder if that is the DRM file...

This is smooth. I am watching movies at work! It hasn't even stuttered. It isn't as good at home. Hope it rolls out to everyone else soon!!!


It's any early Christmas miracle I was thinking of trading in my Evo 4G for a Evo 3D, now I will just wait.

I also get immediate force closes, oh well. It was worth a shot, friggin dinc battery probably couldn't even stream a full movie anyways :-)

This situation is sure to conjure up a whole lot of android hatred. They made sure to include the granddaddy of 4g the device that started the 4g revolution and I am proud of that. This gives me more enjoyable moments as the days tick down to zero and my Evo 3d presents itself. My current evo 4g will go out in style blazing with netflix glory. I've said it before and I will say it till the final day "if you ain't rocking an Evo 4g then you ain't rocking anything simple as that....

I was getting forced closes and noticed flash wanted updating to 10.3, so I updated but still got fc's, uninstalled netflix and reinstalled all works well now. Friggin awesome is all I can say. Watch top gear wherever I'm long as I'm plugged in :-)

Everybody chill. At least they released to some phones that are pretty much considered old in the android smartphone industry. my sister has a DInc, never would have guessed that would get the app at all. Also it makes since, get the older phones out first since testing must be a bit trickier on those. Im 100% confident that our newer phones like my TB will get the app approved within a month or two.

Exactly what I was thinking. I figure they are doing the "older" devices first. If Netflix works on those listed, then I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until they include their successors and the newer phones that are currently available as the hardware has improved.

S/N: Works great on my Evo4G! Sorry... had to add that. :-)

I understand this is really just a test (notice how there's one Verizon device, one Sprint, one branded T-Mobile, and the Nexus devices, but no AT&T...hmmm?) but I don't think it should take a month or two. At the most I would say one month for all compatible devices (like my
TB!), but not two. Fragmentation isn't that bad, is it?

I'm new so wanna say what up to all, had my evo from day 1 did 1st mod today and I am now INFECTED lovin the rom and now for the first time since psn went down I can finally watch some Netflix, but the dam ring is not working on my phone wtf.....

well this just makes my phone that much more 'incredible' :)

hopefully they can hook everyone else up w/phone support soon. until then i'll be watching 'Kick-Ass' on my phone :P

because it's not out for your phone. Did you not read the entire blog post. or the one at or the several other people who said the same?

my "why" was more for the fact the the Inc2 is "newer" and obviously I missed some posts, and for sure didn't read the or I wouldn't have posted that. N you don't have to be so "sassy" @ it.. jeez

What is the title of this thread? The title would certainly lead me to believe that the thread will say which phones work. And what do you know, it's pretty much the very first thing this thread says. Even if you didn't read the thread, simply glancing at it would have given you the answer. I don't think mjneid was being "sassy" at all, you seem to be the defensive and "sassy" one. You can't find something if you don't look. It's like asking random people for the time when you have a watch on your wrist, a phone in your pocket, and you're standing in front of Big Ben in London

Works well on the Droid 2 running rooted Gingerbread leak. Picture quality is very nice! Hopefully "official" support will come soon...

Pretty laggy over 3g, but wifi and 4g is flawless on the Evo. My only issue is the restart time when I have exit the app to check something else on the phone...too long.

Fail. Nexus S running CM7. My device is not supported. Netflix can't realistically expect people to be running stock, can they?

Netflix has to test every device seperately? Guess we can all thank "fragmentation" for this. Its a problem people.

just want to thank androidcentral for this article... I am on the vacation and we couldn't get a good movie to watch and I only had my hdmi cable for my Evo not my laptop. We were going to hover around a laptop when I passively checked androidcentral and found this article. I Watched a whole movie with no buffering and saved the night. :)

Great news to wake up to on a Friday the 13th. Works like a charm on the old Evo. I hope this kicks out to other chipsets soon, besides just Gen1 Snapdragons. That would be better for Android as a whole.

Works perfect with FullHDMI app on nonrooted EVO. Watched "Grown Ups" on my flat screen streaming from my EVO last night. I was suprised at the quality..... no pixelation.... no buffering.....AMAZING. This was on 3g too!! No wifi at home and no 4g in phoenix yet.

Nexus One still getting some love!!! I'm really glad waited a month with a dumb phone to get the N1, best decision I've ever made. The N1 is almost a year and a half old at this point, and it still gets timely updates. I will always be a fan of the Nexus Series of phones.