myTouch 3G HD

We know all you T-Mobile fans are waiting with bated breath over what's going to be the carrier's first HSPA+ phone for its updated network.  One train of thought is that it'll be the as-yet-unannounced HTC Vision/Blaze. Let's throw something new into the mix. Above is what our tipster says is the myTouch 3G HD, and indeed it does seem to match the shape of that mystery T-Mobile HSPA+ phone silhouetted at TMo's website [via PhoneScoop].

But, wait, there's more. Source code for the HSPA+ site [via BGR] originally made use of the "Vanguard" code name, which we've seen before and was widely believed to have been the HTC Vision/Blaze. That Vanguard reference is now missing, which could mean that it was a true leak, or it could mean that it was just wrong. Or maybe it means what we see above is the Vanguard. Who knows?

But let's return our attention to that tall-drink of black-slab water you see above, which at least "feels" like more than a fan-rendered mockup (though that's still a possibility). That's definitely a sizable touchscreen, and the Genius button introduced on the myTouch 3G Slide is back, alongside physical home, menu and back buttons (matching what's on the myTouch 3G Slide, along with the trackpad). We're thinking that button on the side is slaved to the camera. And speaking of cameras, is that a front-facing job up there next to the earpiece?

Anyhoo, for now we'll have to wait and see what comes out of it all. Anybody licking their chops over this one? Thanks, C!


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Is this the myTouch 3G HD? And is it T-Mobile's first HSPA+ smartphone?


I supposedly live in a T-Mobile hspa+ area and could barely hold an edge signal:( I had to return a Vibrant. It's good to see T-Mobile getting some better Android phones.

If you're determined to have stock Froyo then buy a MyTouch HD with an insurance plan, lose the phone and get a replacement MyTouch HD for nice 'n' cheap from T-Mobile. Then donate the "unactivatable" MyTouch HD to Cyanogen and he'll put CM6 on it!

Wow this phone looks just as cheaply made as the last mytouch, I really hope tmobile gets the hint and spends abit more money on better materials, seems tmobile is trying to save a buck or two by using this cheap plastic instead of something solid like on the evo or droids on sprint and verizon and I hope to god that it has atleast the same speed as a snapdragon or better.. and they should not try to skin it with anything just leave it stock android let people decide on the launchers they want to use in market, My buddy just got a vibrant with that Touchwiz crap that comes with it, makes it look cartoonish and lame, and he cant run launchers like adw or launcherpro cause it runs buggy and laggy so he has to uninstall them and just run the touchwiz which he does not like or want.

Wow, you can tell all that from a picture? I mean, really? It's a picture for crying out loud! There is no way you can just tell what kind of material this is made from by a picture. It's so annoying when people do this. I've seen many good builds get trashed simply by the picture and not by any hands-on experience. Considering this is an unreleased phone and a very clear render, you cannot say it is made from cheap materials at all.

I have a few reasons why I don't think this is a new MyTouch line. First of all, the Slide just came out and T-Mobile has been trying to tote that device hard, even more so than the clearly more powerful Vibrant. Furthermore, we can see that all the MyTouch phones have been mid-range, everyone can use phones, that is the whole idea behind the MyTouch branding.

I know a lot of people believe that every dealer is going to offer some big line of phones, ala Droid, but isn't always the case. Yes, the Droid series of phones spans many users groups, but ALL of MyTouch marketing labels it as the phone for every user. Yes, that does make it seem logical for them to release an HD version of the MyTouch, but the jump from the Slide to the HD makes no marketing sense, especially considering the loss of the Nexus One AND the G1, T-Mobile is looking to fill the void left by those two phones, and another MyTouch phone isn't going to cut it. Specially after losing two dev phones. I think the idea of this phone being the so-called G1 Blaze makes more sense.

BUT, it looks exactly like the logo Tmo is now using on their web pages. Update? Have you seen what they're using on the Slide? Or just basing this on what they used on the old 3G last year? (have to stop by my Tmo store and see what's on the new Slide...)

I still think its the g1 blaze that is the HSPA+ device on that website because it makes more sense.
1)They stopped selling the G1
2)They said its a revolution
3)Its been 2 years since the G1 launch which i think was November,2008 and November is right around the corner.
4)Costumers contracts that bought the G1 are ending and T-mobile doesn’t want to lose them to Verizon who is launching the Droid 2
5)The name G1 Blaze fits HSPA+ then mytouch 3g HD because calling it 3g will make people think it reaches only 3g speeds but blaze sounds better better
6)They had the word Vanguard in the website’s source and the changed to hspa when people found out so they are hiding it.