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Everyone start the rumor mill rolling. The photograph seen here was snapped by a reader over at ​Eurodroid, and shows the current window dressing at Phones4U, on Oxford Street in London. It appears that something Samsung related will coming to them on March 30. That'll be this coming Friday, then.

The first thing to note is that this is the flagship Phones4U store. The same store that had an initial exclusivity to sell the Galaxy Nexus at launch (at an extortionate £100 mark-up over the RRP, we might add). Being a store as well, it's pretty unlikely (though not impossible) that they're advertising some kind of launch event. It's more likely that they're preparing to sell a new Samsung device. There's also a good chance that it's something we've already seen, and that this is just a marketing exercise on the part of both companies. 

At this point, we know that a whole lot of you would hope and pray that we're going to see the Galaxy S III. But we aren't. Really. Let's not forget that this is a phone store in London. Samsung's last major London event was at the slightly more impressive Battersea Power Station, where the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus were both on show. Taking all this into account, we're going to take a punt on this and say that it's likely to be something mid or low range. 

In an effort to stifle the speculation, we reached out to Phones4U to see if they could shed any light on what's going on. The official comment, is that at this time there is no official comment, but that we should watch this space. We only have to wait 5 days, and then we'll know. We'll contain our excitement for the moment -- chances are it's probably just the Galaxy Beam, or one of Samsung's many other mid-range devices.

Source: Eurodroid


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Samsung doing... something... at Phones4U in London on March 30


Awesome article, The event should be good, I don't think it will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 though like you said in the article. Most likely will be a tablet. But we don't know till Friday tbh, :)

The International version is likely to be GSM as ever, so you'd need your own version for This is quite possibly the Beam though... Those curtains look like theatre curtains, you know, movie projectors :-)

It's just a stunt. To get web attention and so that when it's time to order SIII's, the phones4u brand will be fresh in everyone's memory.

And some customer service PR/shows they're in touch with what's going on in the mobile world.

Well, AT&T currently as the GSII on sale for 9.99 (90% off) until the 28th. Maybe they know something about the release date or announcement of the GSIII....