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Well, well, what have we here? In typical blurry fashion, an Android phone from Motorola has appeared, bearing Sprint branding. It's said to be some sort of variant of the Droid Pro/XPRT. Size-wise, it looks about right, through the keyboard's been changed to a "Smile" format, angling up at the edges instead of hitting straight across.

There's no word on this, but how fun  might it be if that were a sliding screen, covering the keyboard when not in use, aka the Palm Pre (which grows increasingly not in use as each day goes by). Other features are sparse, save for Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a Wimax radio, which makes us hope for a sizable battery in that small form factor.

Source: PopHerald; via BGR


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Motorola portrait QWERTY phone smiles on Sprint


Agreed. Vertical sliders sound great, but I always find that there's a balance issue.

I loved the Droid Pro form factor, but I found myself wishing that the keyboard were curved down a bit like my work BB9700. I could see myself getting something with this design.

im confused as to why everyone thinks this is a vertical slider... look at the edge of the phone that goes all the way around. its a single edge that doesnt bend in any shape what so ever hence suggesting a droid pro type android phone.

Well, it's definitely not a horizontal slider with the keyboard protruding from the bottom. Meh. I gave up the Palm Pre Plus form factor when I came to Sprint and the EVO. Not ever going back to a vertical slider, but the XPRT would've been it if I didn't know the Photon was coming.

Vertical sliders are a nice alternative compared to carrying around a larger horizontal one in your pocket all day. It just seems like the logical progression to all those candybar qwerty keyboard phones.

Keep the small but convenient vertical keyboard plus get a larger screen. Lots of die hard Palm and Blackberry fans would probably appreciate this form factor.

I've never been a fan of slide phones either vertical or horizontal. They add too much bulk to the device.

I disagree. I think its just the angle of the picture making this area look aligned. Look just above the top row of keys. The line running just above it is slightly more in focus that the top keys are meaning it's closer suggesting this is a slide phone.

If its a slider, I want it. I LOVED the Pre form factor but hated the build quality (went through 7 of them for various reasons) but I can't stand landscape keyboards. A portrait QWERTY keyboard on an android device with all the internal goodies would be AMAZING!

Landscape keyboards are too spaced out.. you have to reach over the enter other side of the phone just to hit a key at times. Portrait keyboards simply make the most sense. Blackberry-style.

Pleeeeaaase let this be a portrait slider w/ a decent sized screen & legit (not watered-down) specs. I too loved my Pre's form factor but needed some more screen real-estate. I'm dying to make the jump to Andrid but horizontal slider keyboards are so cumbersome & annoying unless you've got gigantic Shaq hands. Was seriously considering the XPRT, but that 3.1" screen is a dealbreaker. Gimme Android in a BB Torch or Pre 3 body & I'll be in heaven!

I love my vertical physical keyboard. I have a Motorola Droid Pro for play and a Blackberry Torch for work. I love both form factors. I just wish I had bigger screens (especially on the Pro which has a taller but thinner screen than the Torch).