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With each passing day, it's looking more and more likely that LG is indeed Google's manufacturer partner of choice for this year's Nexus smartphone. Yesterday we saw three rounds of leaked photos from the device, known by its codename LG-E960. Today it seems the device has started showing up in one UK retailer's inventory systems.

The shot above was passed to The Verge by an anonymous tipster, who claims it's from the Carphone Warehouse's back-end system -- and it certainly matches earlier CPW leaks. As you can see, it clearly shows listings for an LG Nexus 4 in both black and white. Details of pricing and availability are unfortunately nowhere to be found.

The "Nexus 4" moniker has long been suggested as a name for the upcoming 2012 Nexus, ever since the Nexus 7 made its debut at Google I/O. In addition to shipping with a 4.7-inch screen, LG's Nexus would be the fourth smartphone to bear that name, so it'd certainly make sense on a few different levels. The only other plausible alternative doing the rounds was the slightly clunky-sounding "Optimus Nexus."

But this shouldn't be taken as conclusive proof of the final next-gen Nexus branding. Retailers aren't infallible, and there's no way of knowing if this isn't the result of an over-zealous CPW employee entering info into the system based upon Internet rumors. Nevertheless, it's another piece of the LG Nexus puzzle, and we're sure we'll start to see the full picture emerge in the coming weeks.

Source: The Verge


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'LG Nexus 4' spotted in Carphone Warehouse inventory system


Me too! I'm always excited for a new Nexus release!

Alex, you're gonna make all the haters set their hair on fire this morning!

Excited?? I'm ecstatic! But with sprint getting the Optimus G that makes me doubt that they will get this new nexus with them being so similar.

Somebody PLEASE PLEASE prove me wrong!

They're available here in Pakistan, and a friend purchased one a few months ago. I prefer darker phones, so not my thing, but it's better than the "other white phone".

Wouldnt have been an 'over-zealous CPW employee entering info into the system' as these things tend to get checked and re-checked before they are accepted to be on the system (called P.I.E)

yeh its the name of the Carphone Warehouse systems that we use, dont ask what it stands for as i've even asked upper management and nobody has a clue :P

This rumour pleases me, as it suggests that the LG Nexus will be available in the UK this year (unlike the Optimus G).

I hope Google offers this through the Play Store soon after launch, I would love to pick this up for around $350 like the GNex.

I've never seen a Car Phone Warehouse (I live in the U. S.) but I keep seeing their inventory system. I think someone at CPW is playing the media. Didn't this "leak" with some other high profile phone? They're getting free advertising.

With a paltry 8gb and lack of sd or a 32gb and 64gb this will and should fail woefully!

Google needs to be taught a lesson. This 8gb or 16gb with no SD support nonsense is unacceptable and I hope people will vote with their wallets.

I was initially excited about this device, but all that excitement has been squashed to death by the lack of storage on this device. This has reduced the device from a must buy revolutionary phone to a must avoid at all costs POS

I couldn't agree more. Hell even Apple sells a 64GB iPhone. I absolutely love my 32GB Galaxy Nexus, but certainly wouldn't mind another 32GB. This Nexus is underwhelming at best.

I couldn't agree more!! Finally someone commenting other than a mindless Nexus fanboy! I loved the GNex but it had 32GB of storage. I now have an SGS3 which is only 16GB but it has an SD Card slot so I'm fine with that. The fact this will be 8GB and 16GB is a freakin joke and will make Google look like a joke. Apple is shoving iCloud down everyones throat too and they even have up to 64GB storage on the iPhone 5. What a joke of a device this has turned into...such a shame for the Nexus line.

And before people say the Nexus 7 has limited space and it has sold's completely different. It's a cheap powerful tablet. Look at the GNex...even Samsung has said it hasn't sold overly well and it had more to offer overall IMO than a 16GB max storage phone. Yuck!

I'm the last guy to hate on a Nexus phone, but 8 GB of storage and no LTE in this day and age is tough to swallow. I have nearly everything in the cloud with Picasa, Drive, and Google Music, but my N7 16 GB is well over half full with a paltry 40+ apps. 8 GB isn't enough despite fully using cloud services. If there is one thing I hate with gadgets, it's butting up against storage limits.

I can't believe I'm holding out hope for a Verizon or AT&T LTE variant with more on board storage. Here we go again.

as much as I like Nexus 4 as a name, there is an incongruity as the screen is supposed to be 4.7 inches. isn't the screen why their new tablet is called the Nexus 7?

I doubt Nexus 4 will be the name and besides even if it is Nexus 4.7 would be even worse than the joke that they call storage space is on this device.