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We know a bunch of you are looking at coming over to Android from an iPhone -- and a few of you Benedict Arnolds are looking to tuck tail and run back to Apple. If you're still on the fence, allow us to direct you to our pals at TiPB.com, who have given the iPhone 4 a thorough rundown.

So check out TiPB's iPhone 4 review. At let us (and them) know if it's catching up to Android yet. :p


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iPhone 4 reviewed by TiPB.com


Nice review!

IPhone 4 is a nice looking phone; but definitely not for me. Digging my EVO too much right now to switch!

Probably the most tolerable article from Rene Ritchie I've ever seen. Praise for the iPhone:fair enough. It is a very impressive phone. It's no Evo or Droid x, but it is probably number 3 for the year. I do take issue with the statement that the screen is basically leaps and bounds ahead of anything else currently out. Money on Evo for sure. Also impressed that Rene took the time to acknowledge some of the flaws, even if they were anything but deniable (even tipb is unsatisfied with "just don't hold it that way" lol).
My two cents on the phone itself
Pro: does a lot of stuff the 3gs should have.
Con: control freak atmoshphere, and the non-usefulness of the facetime unless you're surrounded by early adopters.

Well once the samsung phones come out, there will be a big debate on screens.
Also the droidx, if anything like the original, should have a great screen.

I'm an Evo owner and an android fanboy, but after playing with the iPhone4 at the Apple store, there is no argument in my mind that the iPhone4's screen is light years better than the Evo's screen. I could not believe the clarity of the iPhone's screen, and say what you want about iOS (I'm personally not a fan), but scrolling and transitions were silky smooth. I was pretty much blown away by the screen, especially when I put it next to my Evo. I think the iPhone4 is probably the most beautifully designed phone ever.

I still love my Evo and would choose it over the iphone, but let's be honest about what Apple got right.

Google took too long to release Froyo for the Nexus One. I couldn't stand the lag any more, multitouch sucked, OS needed some polish, and I would have liked a front facing camera.

I still like Android, but Eclair on the Nexus One just wasn't cutting it for me any more. I would love to come back to Android with Flash and the best notification system in a phone, but I probably won't until the Nexus Two comes out.

I will concede that the screen on the iPhone 4 is probably the sharpest screen out there, but I don't believe that given that the EVO is out there already that it is accurate to imply that there is a leaps and bounds difference. The difference between 480i and 1080p us leaps and bounds. The gap here is simply acknowledgable.

All in all, I will agree that the iPhone 4 is probably the sharpest phone design yet, but the EVO is, simply put, the best phone on the planet.

I messed with an i4 on opening day and it felt like a tiddlywink! Seriously! I'm loving the Evo and Android sooo much. I was on webos before and thought of android as a bit unrefined which it does have a little ways to go. I'm not goin' anywhere! I truly love this OS. It's nice to be part of something with so much drive and momentum!

Forgot to mention I was talking to one of the gals at the office about her iPhone. I did the hold test on it and sure enough it went from 5 bars to none! Right in front her own very eyes! Loved it! But hey it still is a monster of a platform just not for me!

Cute Phone! but for teenagers...mediocre multitasks, antenna troubles, apple lockup and AT&T put this new Iphone to shame . Android FTW

Meh. Good article but with the current line up of Android handsets it is rather lack luster. Then considering the Android handsets being released within the next few months it makes the iPhone already look dated.

My only thing that nudges me toward wanting the iPhone (which I don't think I'll end up buying one) is the video conferencing / front facing camera.

The only Android phone with a front facing, that I know of, is the Evo and with Sprint -- both things I don't want.

The Droid X and the Incredible are nice choices (as is Verizon wireless) and unfortunately they don't have front facing cameras.

When you have a long distance relationship, a webcam service on your phone becomes more convenient than on computers or laptops.

I don't want to go to iPhone or go to Sprint just for a front facing camera but it definitely is a swaying factor since long-distance video is important to me.

What good is a front facing camera for video chat if you have to do it over Wifi and only to other iPhones? At least with the EVO 4G you can use it over 3G/4G/Wifi and chat with PC or phone to phone.

I could have sworn the Verizon version of the Galaxy S has a front facing camera as well. You may want to hang around for that as the other poster is right. An iPhone 4 doesn't do you any good if the other people don't have iPhone 4's and either of you can't make a wifi connection.

So you like to waste money... Sure, ATT and Iphone are perfect for you.

Also, check out the video on Apple's website. The quality sucks, and thats over WiFi...

I don't understand the glass on the back... wouldn't that fall out of your hand easier, causing it to break? Also, epic fail on Facetime being wifi only... but thats ATT for you.

My fiancee has the ip4.. I have the Evo. I like to have control over my device and how it works, looks and feels. She just wants a device that works. We're both very happy with our purchases. After taking a road trip for the weekend, The Evo was the go to device.. had nav running, while streaming pandora etc. I did the grip test on the ip4 and sure enough signal was lost... that sucks! I have to say though, with both devices sitting on the table side by side, the ip4's 3g connection was pulling 3.2 mbs down and 1.8mbs upload... my Evo was 800kps down and only 400 kbs up... that shocked me. Wifi was also faster on the ip4. I am not a fan of apple's stuff, simply because I'm a geek at heart and like to tinker... the iphone does not allow the same level of flexibility. I think android is the better operating system. In a years time, android is going to pull far into the lead once the ui gets some well deserved attention. I cant knock the ip4 though, it's a pretty slick device... but i'm sticking with the evo!

Facetime can only be used over wifi , Useless ?? Does the Evo do this over 3G ??? Also there running multiple apps seems a bit week compared to others , they are bragging they can play music while doing other things ?? I can do this on my Incredible and other phones as well , nothing earth shattering at all if you ask me

Why even give Rene any airtime? He's an apple fanboi and masturbates furiously over any apple product. On the rare occasion he posts anything on tipb about any other device it's to snobbishly point out what he sees as being faults and to praise apple for being so much better. Christ I'm half expecting him to gobble off jobs any day.
If he likes fine but don't give him any credence by promoting his articles when all he does is deried android central etc.

I have to agree. Granted, TiPb is part of this smart phone expert thing, Rene just seems to go way out in stoking animosity and fanboyism that I just don't think a link is warranted. If Rene did more to help consumers make a conscious decision in choosing a phone cool, but stoking fanyboism to get hits is a little lame and below Android Central standards. I for one would be happy if Android Central didn't help him by giving him an audience. However, I'd be OK with having a beer with some of the other writers over there.

I held my friends new iphone4 if feels like a toy. It has no grip and just boring to me. Their multitasking seems so beta. When they claim its multitasking done right. The iphone is so limiting!!!!

"I noticed your screenshots showed “No Service”. Were you guys not holding the iPhone 4 the way Steve Jobs says you should?" - heh, that is awesome.