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So it seems that iOS users on Twitter are in a bit of an uproar, and this time it's because Instagram has made it's way to Android. Yes, it's as silly as it sounds, and no, we're not making this up. There's a clear divide, with iOS users showing support for #TeamiPhone, and Android users pledging allegiance to #TeamAndroid. It's a bit comical seeing how upset some users are, all over an app that makes bad pictures and shares them with your friends. We're not knocking the app, as it pretty much works as intended (some folks want to share bad pictures -- go figure), it's just the way the Internetz-at-large is acting that's a bit silly.

We're not going to fight -- we know #TeamAndroid is the shiz. We know that you know #TeamAndroid is the shiz. But if you want to join in the fun and debate a little, here's a picture that should get folks riled up show your support. Use it well, use it often. #TeamAndroid FTW!


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Instagram app has smartphone users divided, show your support for #TeamAndroid


I'm #TeamAndroid all the way. After seeing the tweets and Instagram photos about how Android users are poor, ghetto, and that they take blurry cam pictures, it just shows how ignorant iPhone users are. The whole elitist attitude is ridiculous.

I just notice that if you click on an instagram URL the app will launch with the appropriate photo.
Anyone is welcome to like it.

This is what gets me. The iPhone is available on 3 major carriers now for as low as $99. Anyone could have one if they wanted. It's shocking to iPhone users that some people choose and Android phone. The whole snobbish, elitist attitude is quite funny to me. Like owning an iPhone gets you into the 1%.

I have seen the light and dropped iOS for Android and will not go back. I can't agree more about the ridiculous attitude.

You're blind as hell if you don't think some Android users aren't just as elitist. This whole iPhone v. Android war is pointless, and posts like this perpetuating it are infantile.

I'd love to know who actually wrote the post, but alas they chose to hide behind the Android Central username. Fucking coward.

His comment was in response to some pretty mind-blowing hatred being posted about Android getting the Instagram app, and still remained fairly light-hearted. You're reply, however, are not. There's no need for the language or the hate, man. Let him have his chuckle. We're pretty much all Android users here, so most of use are chuckling right along with him.

As for hiding, it's not like I could track you down by your screen name either. It's the internet. Most people aren't using a screen name that is their real name. And, some of the time, that's just because they *can't*. Not because they're "hiding".


I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't just seen a buddy of mine talking about how Instagram went from a "gated community" to section 8. GEEZ LOUISE! How stupid can they be?!!

If anything it's the other way around, you know how many hoochie mamas I see walking around with their stupid iPhones in their hand?

Egyptians used twitter to help their revolt, bin-Laden's death was first reported on twitter, and what do Apple users use it for? To bitch about an app.

#TeamAndroid, Join the #OccupyInstagram movement and stand against Apple elitism! We must let them know instagram is for everyone and they have to erase their imaginary borders of discrimination! This is the last straw from the 1% of iOS users who think they are suppirior based on their operationg system, creating anti-andriod sentiment and making decent iOS users look like lousy biggots! Support #OccupyInstagram!

Why are they mad? When Instagram first released it was always planned to come to android, this was the devs plan from almost day one as far as I remember. It was never advertised as iOS only.

This is so dumb. I went looking through Twitter to see these posts, and it's the most childish crap I've ever read. Even if iPhones got to a point where I would want to own one, I would still hesitate because I don't want to be lumped into that category of people.

I couldn't agree more. I can't quite dictate it in words but there's a certain air that iPhone/iOS users seem to generally have and it's one that I can't get with. I can't describe it but I know that I don't like it. Funny thing is I have an iPod touch (use it mainly as a handheld gaming device along with my 3DS) but would never want to use iOS as a phone OS.

It's the "new" way of being an elitist, they've bought into the Cult of Mac so hard that they can't fathom anyone using anything else, I have met a few here and there and I just want to slap em.

LMAO we've turned the Instagram communtiy into a lower income bracket, but they are going to act like Sprint acquiring the iPhone hasn't done the same effect

how about #teamidontcare :/
I'm all about smartphone wars, but starting one over instagram is just silly.
though I don't "get" instagram anyways, so iphone users can keep it for all I care.

That's rude of them. Android is for poor people? Says the iPhone users who did not bother to check for spelling errors...

Why is there so many self pics from black people under #teamandroid?

Ghetto insinuation seems based upon that LOL.

Anyways, Instagram is 500px wannabe. 500px is way cooler.

Ummm .... so if there was less "self pics from black people" then the jokes would be different? Did you draw this conclusion yourself based on the amount of "self pics from black people" you saw or did you see comments that said so?

Just wondering ...

I kinda get where you were trying to go with this, man, but really not appropriate.

I think the comments are more because the iPhone elitists consider themselves just that: elites. Meaning anyone who doesn't buy into their philosophy is somehow "lesser" than they are.

I get the stigma that poor urban areas are predominantly occupied by blacks, but that's not always the case. I don't think @Liberati0n's intent was to be racist, since the word Ghetto did, originally, imply a low-income area populated by blacks. The word has become more of a common slang for low-class, which is equally unfortunate.

Wait, so Apple fanboys are pissed because now they can have more friends on their Instagram feed? Or not if they don't want to add any more? Is there something fundamentally different about how it works on Android that affects them somehow? I don't know exactly what they're saying, because few of my iPhone loving friends are like that, they just prefer their devices and leave it at that. But I don't see what problem even the die-hard fanboys could have with an app developer completing the planned Android version of an app?? Its not like some other individual rebuilt an Apple-developed core exclusive element of iOS on there, its an application.

This makes about as much sense as when all those Windows users made a huge deal and got all pissed when Office came to the Mac. Oh wait, that didn't happen at all, my bad.

It's pretty simple, now Flipboard is the only major app that iPosers can claim their silly little iThing can run that an Android device can't. You are exactly correct, this is as ridiculous as it gets, brought to you by the Reality Distortion Field. Tim Cook is calling off the "thermonuclear war" on Android and the userbase decides it's the "right thing to do" to take up the cause on their own. After all, what good is a cult if you let just anyone in?

Apple fanboys are a bunch of stuckup f*&^ks. I couldn't have been more relieved to trash my iPhone3gs for the EVO4G when it was released (now sporting the Epic 4G Touch). Haven't looked back ever! Apple can keep their iOS and freakazoid users -- I want nothing to do with them.

Instagram is a legit app that serves a purpose to friends and family. Why can't it be just that simple!?!?! Grrrrrr!

I remember when my 14 yr old nephew go his iPhone. Yes 14. Anyhow, he's spent days since putting every thinkable casing/covering around/on/over it. Here I am waaaaay older than him and have had my Android for a year with nothing but it's beautiful white body. And he thinks he's the iPhone sh*t. I can't WAIT until he drops and/or loses. Bound to happen and I will be right there waving my Andy around in his lil baby face.

And about Instagram... what's that?!?! (shhhhhh.... I already know)

So this is really a thing? How can they be serious, Android or iOS is a small choice in the grand sceme of things, I don't care about instagram or cell phone/ tablet photography, but I like most of you have youe reasons for picking Android over iOS.

Downloaded the App from the Market and tried to sign up.... no go! It would not allow me to sign up for an account. I obviously uninstalled and won't waste my time trying again. When these guys are really ready for Android prime time I might give it another shot.

It's like watching netflix through a LG Blu-ray Player, and hating people who watch netflix through a Samsung Blu-ray player.

Its sad the mentality of some ppl. And some don't care if others know..some comments are linked to real names..

I can afford 20 IPhones and the bill for 20 lines. I make close to 6 figures...and have never owned an Iphone, had win mo then went Android since 2010. last 2 phones were retail.

Its also sad some folks take this iPhone vs Android thing THAT serious.....

Why doesn't anyone conduct a survey on the intellectual levels of Android and iPhone users like the one between Chrome and IE users? I bet we will win.:D

Ha!!! I just had an iOS user say "Android should have made their own pic sharing app instead following iOS footsteps" LMAO since when do Android and IPhone make apps??? Last time I checked the developers did. And its crazy how they still can't accept the fact that iPhone specs have been playing catch up with android devices. They think were copying them!!!!!! For god sakes they don't even have widgets!!!!!!!!

I have to agree with you on this one, although you didn't sound much better a few posts up ;P

Come on, people. Can't we at least *try* to act like civilized grown-ups?

Why of all apps that are (poorly) ported over to Android, iOS kids are mad about Instagram? It's not even anything special.

Oh and while the kids are fighting, I can here WP7 crying in the corner.

Rather disappointed to see AC jump on this bandwagon. I find it childish that you promote this sort of behavior. What's next, cyber-bullying all the iPhone users on Instagram? Poor show AC, -10pts. No better than the haters on the other side.

With the amount of promoting they've done on the site and in the podcasts, I'm sure instagram is paying them for advertising. I'm cool with it if it helps pay the bills.

Couldn't agree more. A few months ago I emailed AC to ask them if they support the Apple bashing that runs rampant in their comments section. The response I got was that of course they don't support it, but they don't have time to moderate it.

After this post, I don't believe a word they wrote. If they really weren't cool with it, they'd do something about it. It's their site, their rules, and it's obvious now more than ever that they not only will do nothing to stop the constant Apple bashing, but they also support doing so.

I get that this is an Android fan site. It's not lost on me. Being an Android fan doesn't give anyone the right to bash other people just because of the phone they use. The same goes for Apple idiots that bash "fanDroids" too. It's all stupid, pointless shit.

Fuck this site, I'm done.

Lol just leave dude ur such a troll. More so than the iOS haters you jackass. I hope ur under eighteen or I feel sorry for you

The article isn't "bashing" iOS, or even iOS users. It *is* poking fun at the people who have been posting some serious hate about an app being released on Android. The comments are childish, uncalled for and, for that matter, untrue. If the people that posted them can't deal with being called "childish" after some of the comments *they* made, they should stay off the internet.

If you're offended because some one called you out with the truth, them maybe it's time to re-evaluate your behavior.

As for moderating the comments, have you ever tried to run a site like this before? It would take a couple of people's full-time job being just sitting here reading these comments. You don't have to agree with every comment. Better yet, if you disagree, say something. Let that user know that their comments are inappropriate. And all the other readers will know that not everyone on this site composes themselves that way. But be civil about it. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose.

"Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one."
--Friedrich Nietzsche

I've said this a million times. I have a Razr, and my wife has an iPhone and there's an iPad in the house. So I've used both. iOS is NOT better than Android. It's just not. It boggles my mind that anyone could see and use both and still think iOS is better. I wonder how many iOS users that call Android crap have actually used it.

I have to agree with @15israellai, also.

I don't think either OS is "better" than the other. That distinction is a matter of opinion. Android is "better" for *me*, but my g/f prefers iOS.

In reality, you can't compare them side-by-side like that. Android is more of a desktop OS. iOS is more streamlined. This makes iOS simpler to use. Some people don't care about the customization capability of Android. My father is another example. He's constantly impressed by my Android, but that doesn't mean he wants one. This is the market that Apple has *always* targeted. The iPhone is just the first time is went over *this* well for them. Honestly, I suspect that, at some point, the iPhone will become (somewhat) like the Macintosh. Very popular at first, but falling into the background as more people because comfortable with more advanced tech.

It will certainly never go away, but we're already seeing the number diminish. I believe that's why Apple has pushed so hard to make people believe that they *need* an iPhone. That's the purpose of the Reality Distortion Field. They need the iPhone to be iconic and elitist, because that makes people buy it regardless of what tech they put in it. I wouldn't be surprised if some of what we see in scenarios like that are actually Apple employees. Kinda conspiracy theory stuff, but it would make sense from a marketing standpoint.


Team iPhone fuck Android and fragmentation.. Well let me refrase that because I've used the galaxy nexus and personally it shits on my 4s.. Just hate that too many low model androids will be on instagram it should be 4.0 and up ICs required..but u stand team iPhone until the gs3 knocks my socks off this summer I'm all for competition

I would suggest that perhaps the period on his keyboard is broken, but he used quite a few of them. Just not at the end of his sentences...

I don't bother to read all of these comments but I'm sure MOST of them would speak what I'm thinking about this issue.
Seriously, this fight is silly. Can't they treat it fairly? And is Instragram's expanding its user base like murdering iFanboys?

I can honestly say I have read every comment (as of this posting) and you're right: this is silly. I'm silly for even reading all these and replying to as many as I did.

Summary: there are a lot of childish, juvenile people on the internet. Some of them own iPhones and believe that makes them better than everyone else. Why they chose to pick Instagram as the app that will "destroy the iPhone universe" now that it's on Android, no one really knows.

Personally, I think there have been *way* better apps ported over to Android in the past year alone. But, again: childish, elitist, mob-mentality at its worst.