HTC Thunderbolt in Verizon systemSamsung SCH-I520 LTE device

Verizon's New Year's resolution? Android LTE phones. And lookie at what just popped into its system -- SKUs for the HTC Thunderbolt (aka ADR6400) and that Samsung SCH-i520 LTE device, and dummy units to go along with them. The former basically is the Desire HD with a cool kickstand and speaker underneath, with Verizon's new 4G data. The Sammy device? We'll just have to see what gets unearthed at CES next week, won't we? Thanks, lk!

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russell5 says:

hopefully if its in their system release date is not far away. :)

Hoping that Sammy is a Nexus S for VZW. That would be a very happy New Year for me. No more Motorizon update bs.

onixblack says:

I highly doubt that but it would be awesome if there was one

HTCSense says:

A Nexus S with 4G LTe?

Wow that would be nice! but then again, unlikely :(

It's probably another Galaxy S Varient


will the htc thunderbolt be available worldwide? or is it just for USA?
i'm in europe and i just love this phone :P

onixblack says:

In true HTC fashion they will make a version for the European Market. It will naturally be called something else though

Yes seeing how verizon is in the U.S and its in verizon's system!!

but is it certain that this is for the american market? i know that you guys have the evo and now we have the htc desire hd, but i am finally done with my 2 yr contract in february and i want to make sure that i have a good phone as a choice by then (tegra 2, or other dual core, and has to have a huge screen, not dell streak huge though)

onixblack says:


Jeepzor says:

No phone yet has made me want to trade my incredible except this thunderbolt, I just hope the internals are upgraded and its not just an vzw branded evo.

KingAndroid says:

I don't think the old snapdragon supports LTE, so you can be sure the processor is upgraded. I would also bet there is 768mb of RAM since the Desire HD amd the Mytouch 4G both have that much.

icebike says:

The processor has nothing to do with the radio protocol.

mdlissner says:

I have a January 7 upragde available. Waiting for the CES announcement to decide wether to get the Droid X ASAP or the Thunderbolt. If it goes to March I will probably upgrade now depending on what VZW charges for LTE data versus 3G.

hey mdlissner and any other verizon customers, im a verizon rep, ill ship you the phone overnight as soon as it comes out. just let me know

jpprice says:

The Thunderbolt has me excited. Hoping it comes out sometime in January because I had to get a new phone now and it will be in my 30 day return window.

angel35 says:

I want to get one but ill wait for i. I hope its not to long?????

Jeepzor says:

Well if they actually announce it next week one would think it would go on sale in the next couple weeks, they don't usually announce things to far in advance.

Jeepzor says:

One question I have about lte in general is can data and voice be used at the same time or are we still looking and the same issues as cdma?

I believe Voice and Data are simultaneous on LTE,just as on 3G GSM.

droidgurl11 says:

Thanks for answering this question, its a must for my next upgrade. What are some of the advantages of a dual core phone, other than it making surfing web pages faster and games?

trenen says:

I'm pretty sure I remember VZW mentioning that CDMA will still be used for voice and LTE will be used for data.

Raptor007 says:

Given the fact that sku's for the phone and dummy units hit the system 5 days before the CES announcement there is no way its a Feb/Mar launch. I am very optimistic for January and my DInc and iPod Touch will both be sold to get this phone.

Jon Seals says:

lol nooooo. theres a reason dual core laptops dont have better battery life than single core ones.

dual core is going to improve battery life like you couldnt imagine.

tim242 says:

Verizon CEO said that the first 4G phone would be released in February.

and you know this how? No need to spread false rumors when you have no clue how do you know they wont be like sprints or keep an unlimited?

mike340t says:

Only thing that is Verizon's 4G plans will most likely be way way more than the 10 bucks that Sprint charges and with crappy caps on the 4G where Sprint is true unlimited... Heck their modem charges for 4G are already total rip-offs at $50 for 5GB, $80 for 10GB, overages $10 per GB...

trenen says:

What's the deal with people and 'unlimited'? Most people (probably yourself included) don't go over 2GB in a month, unless you're using the device in ways that are against the service agreement. The whole 'unlimited' thing is dumb because people never reach caps that warrant such a thing.

tim242 says:

I use about 8. That would put me 4 times over. That's general browsing, slacker, youtube, and flash video. All things ok by the service agreement, miss goody-two-shoes.

likwidsoul says:

I already pay 30 for 3g I hope its not too much more. I mean if I got like 2gb of lte for 10 bucks more and still had unlimited 3g then I would be cool with that.

dacp283 says:

Trenen, the one who knows what the other customers want.... douche

Jon Seals says:

That Thunderbolt will be mine.

omelet says:

Damn, now that it may be the Nexus S I may have to consider that. I was completely sold on the Thunderbolt (hoping that 4G would be the same price as 3G), but the Nexus S is just a beautiful phone (minus the no SD card)

embails says:

I've got an idea... let's all pretend that we know what's going to happen and then after VZW announces what LTE pricing will be, we all complain about it and ignore that we were all wrong, and that they're screwing us... AND THEN go out and pay it!

Or, we can all wait anxiously for the Android AWESOMENESS that is going to drop at CES! We can dream fancifully of dual core 1.2gHz LTE phone running 3.0. -oops drool on the keyboard