HTC Mini+HTC launched the HTC Mini companion handset in China last year, and now it appears the next version of the device is heading for a wider launch.

Following a recent update for the European HTC One which added support for the "Mini+," the second-gen "phone for your phone" has been listed on HTC's international site.

The HTC Mini+ (not to be confused with the One Mini, a standalone smartphone) connects to your HTC phone and has a 1.5-inch 4 gray OLED display with 128x128 resolution. (Yep, that's a slight step down from the HTC One's 1080p SuperLCD3 with 468ppi.)

Once paired, the Mini+ can be used to make calls, control your TV (through IR, presumably), view text messages and even take pictures from your phone's camera at a distance. There's also a built-in laser pointer and "slideshow remote control" for controlling PowerPoint presentations. A built-in 320mAh battery provides up to 9 hours of talk time, or 95 hours on standby.

The device is listed as being compatible with the HTC One mini, HTC Butterfly s, HTC Desire 200, HTC Desire 500 — presumably the full-sized HTC One isn't on that list yet because the required software update hasn't reached all the countries in which it's sold.

There's no word on when the Mini+ will be available to buy, nor how much it'll cost — but given that it's already on HTC's site, we're guessing the wait won't be too long.

Source: HTC; via: the::unwired


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HTC Mini+ is a phone for your phone


Great to put on your desk of you use the one as an office phone... So your not tempted to use Twitter all of the time. But then you probably are sitting behind a computer so what's the point...

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Are you kidding me??? A phone for your phone? I understand phone manufacturers are out of ideas since the original iPhone, but this? Must be a joke.

Cut him/her some slack. They are still using a bag phone because the iPhone isn't enough of an upgrade, let alone an Android

Think it would be perfect fit for larger phones / phablets / fonepad and the likes

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You have the right idea and a good understanding of the purpose of smart devices.

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@Alik Malix
This is a phone extension for your Mobile mini CPU with Cellular Connection.
It makes sense for those of us that know smartphones are mobile CPU's and not just a phone.

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Could this work like an extension line? Could two people be on the main phone and this one when the grandkids call? I would buy one just for that.

lmao- your statement reminded me of stan's grand father on south park. Billy, I need a phone for my phone.

HTC Needs an alert bracelet for the elderly too, Help I've fallen and I can't get up!!!!

I think this is a great idea. Sony have one too. your larger tablet/phone stays in your bag, but you use this for making voice calls. I would prefer a clam shell design myself.

This is both smart and inevitable. As the size of these smartphones grow, a device like this is needed to keep people from holding tablets up to their head. I know, I know, bluetooth headsets. But then your still pulling out a small tablet to send a text. I think there is room for this. Add in more interactivity with the phone, like maybe a mouse functionality when your smartphone is connected to a display (like wiimote or Gyration mouse), then pair it to any phone (not just HTC) and it will sell.

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This would be a smart accessory for all the huge mega 6+ inch phones. People look like douchebags talking on such large phone / tablets and such an accessory would be perfect fit.

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While everybody else is manufacturing smart watches, HTC made us a phone for our phone...and we wonder why they're in a shitty position.

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Smart watches have yet to take off, and no one wears watches anymore. The smartwatch is by far not a success yet. I'm not saying this will succeed, I think it will be a niche product at best, I've yet to be convinced by the hype surrounding smart watches.

I would rather buy a phone for my phone than a smartwatch. Personally I think that in case of using a phablet or a 4.7"-5" smartphone it`s easier to take calls using a mini phone accessory than keeping your watch close to your ear and talk to your wrist.

I do have to say I can see the upside and down.

If I got one, it would be the "house" phone. Plug the phone in and use this instead. IR blaster is a plus.

I would never carry it around anywhere, the point of a smartphone for me is less gadgets not more in my pocket.

This is perfect for some people without an actual house phone. I could keep one downstairs and have my cell phone upstairs and no matter where i was in the house i would be able to hear and answer the call, especially since my phone doesn't get great reception in all parts of the house. Now as long as they can make it affordable i think i would get one. What some folks don't understand is there is a market for everything, even if it seems silly to you it might not be to others.

You probably want to get a cellular range extender then, since it would let you take calls anywhere in your house without the need to manually hand-off.

The scenario of using a phone/phablet/tablet as a base station is cool but bluetooth may not be up to the task in many situations. Imagine, you keep this little phone in your pocket and keep your main device in your briefcase/backpack or upstairs on a dock or whatever; what happens when you want to go outside the bluetooth range (30 feet LoS, 10 feet through obstructions)? The call drops from the mini+ and the person on the other end gets to listen to whatever is going on where the actual phone is, until you get yourself back in range.

Some people might find a use, but I caution anyone thinking about it: purchase it from a place that lets you do a hassle-free return so you can take it back if it doesn't quite meet your needs.

This is a great idea. You can roam free in your house or office while your HTC One is on the charger!

Ok, everybody is trolling here with outrageous comments like "Why?"

...But really - why? Seriously what is the use case for this? With the addition of an IR blaster and a laser pointer, it seems like they're trying to make this do a few different things that probably aren't even related. So I can use one device to point at my screen, but then take a phone call with it, and then change the channel on my TV. (??) Am I playing the game right?

Let's entertain the idea that this thing takes off. Only a few short steps of evolution and it's *another smartphone*. Right? I might be able to use my Palm Pre then!

The only sense I can really make of this for normal people would be those with poor cell reception in 90% of their house except for the spot where they charge their phone. Or peeps with huge cribs that charge their phone in the west wing, but spend most of the time by the indoor pool in the east wing, or whilst playing with the spinners on their Escalade inside their detached 5-car garage.

...but the laser pointer? And IR blaster?


This is a good idea, but mostly in conjunction with phablets. It'd be ever better if a future Galaxy Note's stylus could also act as a bluetooth headset, then you could carry it with you everywhere. Plug the stylus back in and its tiny battery (30 minutes talk?) would recharge from the phone's battery.

Question is - which is less douchy: 1) Talking on a phablet, or 2) talking on a pen? :)

This is really great. I can see myself using this all time as I’m out on the go all time and don’t want to risk pulling out my phone and dropping it accidentally.

Let's see when this piece can be useful:
- if you are a sports person. Biking in particular you are biking and want to make a call so you whip this out instead of phone!!! To receive you can have blue tooth device and your won't need mini + but to make calls probably good idea
- if you have HTC one max as it will be ridiculous to use it in public or even at home
- for home if you don't want to carry your phone around!!!
- obviously for presentations, TV remove use etc...
- what else for?!

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Boo htc a phone for your phone thats as good as chromecast not being able to play local files. A waste of hours and money

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This is really great.
I can see myself using this all time as I’m out on the go all time and don’t want to risk pulling out my phone and dropping it accidentally.