Log Me In beta for Android

From time to time, it's pretty darn handy to be able to access -- and control -- a desktop computer from your phone. Maybe you're the IT-type, maybe it's a family member who swears they don't know where all those racy pop-ups are coming from. Either way, a good VNC client can sure come in handy. And Log Me In Ignition is now in beta, and we took it for a test drive. Check it out after the break.


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Hands-on with Log Me In Ignition VNC beta for Android smartphones


Exactly what I was hoping for! First Drop Box, then Log Me In? I know it was my birthday last week, but this is too good to be true!

Now, if only Google Navigation could have Darth Vader or Yoda give us directions, I could die a happy man.

Don't forget Mint. I got my Droid Incredible last week with the expectation that all of these apps would be out by the end of the year. Now withing a week, all of my regular apps are available and I have no lingering anxiety about leaving the iPhone behind. And there are so many new apps on Android that my old phone couldn't handle.

I wonder if you can use Skype through this? I suppose that depends on how quick the connection is, and if the application transmits sounds. I wonder about this because Verizon BLOCKS skype calls when my Droid is tethered to my laptop. Or rather it kills outgoing calls and makes the phone answer incoming calls. No video options that I can get to work.

As far as I can see this is the best remote pc control solution out there for Android. I wouldn't mind just using a straight VNC client, but I haven't found one that is really good so far.

Can anyone host the .apk file somewhere? I'm on a Samsung Moment with the leaked 2.1 patch on it so LogMeIn isn't showing up the in the market, despite the fact I got the email about it.

I'd really just love to be able to have LogMeIn installed on my phone. Can anyone help?

Works great on my Incredible. This has been a great week for Android apps... Mint.com/DropBox and now LogMeIn!

Now if the games could stop sucking on Android I'd be completely content :)

Pretty cool. My desktop has two screens and i was having trouble bringing both screen up on my incredible. But then again its still beta. but still fun to play with!

should be in the market, if not, then it isn't compatible with your device or you're not in a market country.

Like I said, I'm running a Samsung Moment with the leaked 2.1 rom and last I checked, I was in the States. I assume it's not there because the Moment isn't on 2.1 yet or something, but that's why I'm asking for someone to post the .apk

LOL. I was playing around running fastboot on my N1 with this app through my Hero.

You realize this means we are both complete nerds :)

you need to create an account at logmein.com and install a pc/mac tool. It works beautifully on 3G (shockingly)

Not sure why, but on my Nexus One, it force closes immediately after I try to login. I've got a normal non-rooted phone, so I'm not sure what the problem is...

Love this! All of my work lab computers have LogMeIn installed so that I can remotely update them as needed. This just makes things a lot easier when I'm away from my work station.

No it doesn't have anything to do with VNC. The title is misleading. Logmein is a remote access client. However, for $30 you are better off using PhonemyPC which is cheaper and has more functionality than LMI Ignition.