Cisco DX650

Bringing Android into the enterprise market in a new way

Android isn't just for the consumer smartphone market — Cisco is hoping to bring the power of this operating system and ecosystem to the world of enterprise desk phones as well. The DX650 is Cisco's latest offering to the business side of things, basically grafting a full-featured Android tablet running Jelly Bean onto what would otherwise be a basic office phone.

You get the basic set of phone features with a physical dial pad, speakerphone and receiver, but everything can also be handled through Cisco's custom phone, contacts and video conferencing apps that are loaded on the device. A front-facing webcam can connect you to folks in a more personal way, and live HDMI out also lets you link up to a larger display if you'd prefer to run more of a true video conference. If you don't have a traditional phone system, you can even link up the DX650 to a smartphone over Bluetooth and use the speaker and handset just like any other connected device.

Now we realize this sort of product may not be on many regular consumer's wish lists, but for those who have to use an office phone all day this may be a cool way to step things up to the high-tech world. Hit the break for a video walkthrough and more pictures of the Cisco DX650.

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Oh man... I would get nothing done at work if I had this thing.

mathiasjk says:

But can it play Angry Birds?

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tigerchilly says:

But can it run xbmc?

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No it can't..

But it can play Cysis. .. :D


Hopefully this one will do better than the Cisco Cius.

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neel_tech says:

i hav worked on both cisco cius & cisco DX650 . cisco DX 650 is far far better than cisco cius .its OS version itself will clear all your querry .

prediscover says:

Seems like a Cisco Cius..
I wonder if it will fail the same way the Cius did with a $1000+ price tag

glamrlama says:

How is this better than a standalone tablet and a headset? I'm not sure how Cisco can price this into a viable solution. My guess is unless the pricing structure differs from the Cius it will be killed off as quickly as the Cius was.

olues says:

Well, its got a webcam and HDMI which is good for video conferences also coupled with the android tab to serve as an interface for video messaging apps. Other than that I see no use of this.

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7nexus7 says:

As much as I love Android, this is a really stupid product.

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obi5683 says:

Bite your tongue!

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kentrol72 says:

It would probably be better as a docking station for the user's tablet to accompany a docking workstation as well with a full size keyboard and hard drive for memory. (That way they can get rid of the laptop in the background)

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obi5683 says:

It can run Angry Birds.

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obi5683 says:

Ok guys. This is being marketed as a collaboration endpoint. This is a video enabled VoIP that can be added to either a VoIP call manager or a telepresence manager. You will not be buying this for your home unless you have one of those or you add it to your SIP service. I am not sure of the cost, but it would beat spending $10k on a Cisco EX90.

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ajpri says:

Hangouts (or any other video chatting app) and this!! sounds like a great product! Should make conferences better.

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vegasjoe says:

Here's how the cost can make sense: Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. It works on this phone meaning you can have a full desktop phone without the need for an expensive Cisco Router for the phone's VPN connection back to Call Manager in the main office. 'course, you could just use Jabber or the PC software, but those remote office folks love their desktop phones.

Where is an android powered PBX? Would make the extensions easier too with only a five inch low red screen.

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s2weden2000 says:

1000$ like their tablet a couple of years ago

Gareth Rees says:

Its one ugly phone or one ugly tablet...either way its ugly and pointless ...why why why!! Even the guy demonstrating it was having issues getting the touch screen to respond. I bet its ridiculously priced as well knowing Cisco.

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