Google Play Store

The Google Play Store has been updated to Version 3.4.7. We repeat: The Google Play Store has been updated to Verison 3.4.7. You folks on Motorola phones can now hit that secondary store link in your app drawer without fear of failure.

That is all.

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nickel3956 says:

Mine still crashes. It actually loaded for the first time, but then crashed. (Motorola Xoom Wifi)

coreymcl says:

How do I get it? I just cleared my data and opened the store and I see version 3.4.6

duke82722009 says:

Works for me!

bdragon says:

As soon as I find and install an Inverted 3.4.6 version, there's an update. Smh

Not sure what you're talking about. 3.4.6 seems to be working fine on my Photon.

Glenuendo says:

I wondered what that update was. It didn't change a thing for my EVO 3D and now I know why.

mrushie says:

I can't believe I missed this. Here is a link to the download.

Johnston212 says:

Good job Google, now if you could just PUT BOOKS BACK where it belongs, I will be less inclined to hate PLAY

Android_Lee says:

Working great on the Bionic.

carraser891 says:

did anyone else's not change to play store yet? Mine still says market version 3.4.4

gsmalleus says:

My CDMA Galaxy Nexus has still not updated and is on 3.4.4

Timelessblur says:

My Atrix still had not updated.

smhism says:

So I have a white razr. I'm not getting a google play icon, it's still showing the market icon, but when i go into settings, the app is listed as the google play store. wtf?

Jonneh says:

Not even sure what this is talking about, for my devices. My Atrix loads the new Play store just fine.

Try opening app drawer and hit hard search button. Dose it force close home?

xeroslash says:

Funny thing, I couldn't open Play with the top corner link on my GNex earlier. Rebooted and worked again.

This was only an update for Moto users? Strange.

jim_joe_bob says:

I rolled back the earlier update a couple days ago and it hasn't pushed the new version. Not that I care, because I'll be uninstalling all of my apps and freezing the vending APK soon - because of the name change.

Mine still crashes. Moto atrix 4g. Even with 3.4.7 if i search apps it crashes home. Slowing the phone down like crazy. After factory reset it worked fine till the forced google play store update happened then it gose right back to crashing. Google has made my phone useless...