This saga of the hilarious Evo vs. iPhone videos produced by a Best Buy employee just got even better. When last we heard, Brian Maupin, 25, had been suspended by the retailer while it conducted some sort of investigation. His job hung in the balance. The investigation -- which we have a hard time typing while keeping a straight face -- concluded, and Best Buy chose not to fire Maupin, who then said thanks, but no thanks, and is looking for work elsewhere.

Takes some stones to do that, for sure. Good luck, Brian, and thanks for the laughs. Check out Best Buy's statement and Maupin's reaction -- as well as the videos in question -- after the break. (Warning: Foul language ahead) [via TechCrunch]

Best Buy:

We have completed our investigation into the videos created and posted by Brian Maupin, the aspiring film-maker and Best Buy employee.  This is an important situation for us because it involved balancing our social media guidelines with a commitment to creating a supportive environment for our employees.  It’s important to note that our investigation involved three videos that were posted in late June because they were openly disparaging of our employees, our customers and our vendor partners.  Our investigation is over, and these videos are no longer on the web.  Contrary to rumors, Brian has not been fired, and is scheduled to return to his job at Best Buy this Friday


Right now I’m planning on taking a leave of absence so I may survey my current career plans and the future. I’m not sure if it would be comfortable returning to Best Buy considering the circumstances, but I will definitely consider all options


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Evo vs. iPhone video author keeps his Best Buy job, but doesn't want it back


Where is the third video that is mentioned in BB's statement? And they are still on the web contrary to BB's statement. Is BB that ignorant that they don't know they are still on the web?

And btw would have been first if I could spell out BB in the comments.

And you can't spell out BB in the comments!

Best Buy has to have a space in the name....I had one without the space and that triggers the spam filter.

Good for him. I'm sure he could get a job writing for gizmodo or even AC. I hear they are looking for writers.

Good for him.

As for Best Buy, while I don't think they're really going to take much of a PR hit for this, its still a worse result for Best Buy than having never suspended the employee. Nobody knew the kid worked for Best Buy, and if they pieced it together from other videos, they wouldn't have cared.

If I were a stockholder, I'd be more mad at Best Buy for thinking I was such an idiot that these videos would bother me.

How can BB say that these videos were OPENLY disparaging to its "employees" when BB was never mentioned in any of the videos? Now I wouldn't call the references to the customers or product vendors (iphone/evo) "disparaging" because I think the word "joke" is more fitting.

Now that our pressure (The web) got his job back. I think it's only right we (the web) find him another job. For all the enjoyment (& laughs) he has given us. I would ask AC & the rest of the blogs to keep us updated on his progress.

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think there were some videos that were published prior to these Evo/iPhone videos...and that THOSE videos are the ones that were taken down (and what Best Buy is referring to).

These funny videos brought attention to the author and Best Buy then saw the earlier videos. I think those earlier videos are what this is really about.

Agreed. The author did in fact have three other videos which, I thought, were pretty good representations of Best Buy. Those videos did specifically mention Best Buy. I also believe that the author's videos were flying under the radar until the popularity of the iPhone vs. Evo video brought more people to the author's page which also listed his other "Best Buy" videos. After this story first broke the author immediately removed all three "Best Buy" videos from his page but left the iPhone vs. Evo up because it does not mention Best Buy. I personally think all of his videos were pretty funny. I also believe a lot of the humor in them came from the truth they portrayed, which is probably why Best Buy frowned upon them so much. Oh well. Life goes on. The author apparently has a knack for writing humor so I think he will be fine either way. Good luck current/ex Best Buy employee.

I still don't get it -- how did his employers get involved in the first place? Did he create this while at work? Did he mention specifically in the video that it was Best Buy?

I thought this was extremely funny and did not know anything about the author being a BB employee. Makes me wonder what kind of big brother style stuff is happening at BB.

Contrary to what some sources reported, this wasn't because of the videos he still has up. There were 3 other videos that were taken down by him that did mention Best Buy and/or were viewed as directly insulting to their customers.

Any business, especially a business driven by directly servicing customers, has a right to deal with an employee if they believe they are being a detriment to their customer service model on or off the job. How would you feel if you were being assisted by someone from the store and then when not at the store you overheard them insulting you or your CS situation?

That's the man for you always trying to knock you down a notch but still keep you around to do all the heavy lifting.

Yeah, real smart. Reject a job in the middle of a recession. Have fun stocking chips at Wall Greens for $10 an hour.

Walgreens eh? Maybe they'll let him sell the iPhone 4? My sister said they have them there...

if he created them while at work on their computers, then fine its best buys business........

if he created them elsewhere while off the clock, its none of their damn business.........if this was the case i'd sue for wrongful termination.........

Man this guy is a real chump.

What a dumbass.

I would of sued them regardless of them letting me come back. Them letting him come back was even better. He could of said he felt unwelcome there and very uncomfortable.


1. You should of took your job back, this economy sucks, but maybe you can go get a job at McDonalds flipping burgers.
2. You should of sued. You could of started your own company with the funds or even paid for school.

I do kind of understand why he wouldn't take his job back, Best Buy sucks, they will probably go out of business in the next 2 years. Make some more movies about best buy now that you have nothing to worry about, hell put your old ones back up.

He's dumb, but you're writing "should of"? What is "should of"? Oh, you mean, "should have" or the more common when spoken "should've".

Oh noes grammar police. LoL

Hey look at me guys I'm gonna point this guy out for a grammar mishap on online forum. Seriously man WGAFF about spelling and grammar.

Two things:

1) Wrongful termination only works in states where there is such a thing. In 'At Will' states (Indiana, for example) an employer can fire you for any reason (or no reason at all).

2) Publicly bad-mouthing one's employer (and clients) isn't a particularly bright idea (and it doesn't get much more public than the web). If I were the guy's boss, it would really burn me having to work with him after that.

When I thought it was *this* video that the firing was about, I was all for the guy and thought BB was nuts. Although I did not see the other videos, I'm more inclined to understand their position from what was revealed in their statement. However, the timing could have been better - from a publicity standpoint, they probably should have resorted to a stern lecture and left it at that (after the offending videos were removed, of course). Any promotions down the line would probably be non-existant and the guy would eventually leave on his own.

I would have sued the hell out of them, who know some lawyer might have got him to come to his senses and might be building a case as we speak, lol