Chameleon Launcher

We first had a look at Chameleon Launcher for the phone-sized screen about a week ago, and plenty of folks were excited and waiting for it to launch publicly. That just happened, and now you don't have to be a Kickstarter backer or Android blogger to get your hands on a copy.

Chameleon Launcher has been available for your Android tablet for a while now, and we've noticed there are two kinds of people: those who love it, and those who hate it. It's a very different experience than the one Google or the folks who made your Android phone give us, and it may take some getting used to. The good news is that it's very feature-rich, and the developers are constantly tweaking things and adding even more new features.

Downloading Chameleon Launcher from Google Play requires a decision -- do you go for the $3.99 version that runs on both the tablet and the phone, or get the $2.91 version that is phone only. You'll need a version of Android that's 3.2 or higher to use either, and they aren't interchangeable -- choose wisely.

You can have a look at our hands-on after the break, and decide for yourself if you think it's for you. 


Reader comments

Chameleon Launcher for phones now available in Google Play


Wait a minute, in a post-Gingerbread world people still use Launcher Pro? The app that hasn't been updated since May 17th, 2011? I strongly advise that you check out one of the more recent Holo based launchers.

Seriously, launcher pro was cool in its day but it is way past time to look beyond it. I'm not saying Chameleon is necessarily right for ya, but at least give the Android 4.x+ launchers a real look. I was a big launcher pro fan but I've not run that beast in a loong time.

I used Launcher Pro back in the day and even tried it again when I first got my Galaxy S3 - terribly outdated now.

As for this (Chameleon), if I had a tablet I'd give it a go. For my phone though, I think it's a pass for me. I'm finding CyanogenMod + ADWEx to be my setup of choice still.

Chameleon Launcher has no widgets making it useless. Guess they were expecting Devs in the Market to develop all the widgets for them like Nova, AWS and GO. What's the point if there aren't barely any widgets to use this?

Are you sure about that? You clearly have not boughten Chameleon Launcher or saw a good review about it. it has more implemented widgets than any other Launcher for Android.

Question... can you add app widgets, or is it just the ones that come with the launcher? That always chapped my ass with LP and other launchers. Loved the way you could customize, but forced to use crappy 3rd party widgets. Gotta have my PowerAmp on the screen at ALL times! :)

I think it's not ready for prime-time yet for me. Adding facebook, twitter, gmail accounts using web browser? Even "how to pick your nose" app uses installed apps instead. It's damn slow and not functional. I've refunded.

I tried to run this on my GNex with PA and there are massive delays. After hitting the home button I get a blank screen for 15-30 seconds before the launcher loads.On my Xoom, it's flawless, but on a phone, it's just not ready for prime time.

I downloaded it last night on my GS3 and am using it alongside Swapps Launch and it works great for an initial launch on phones.

I wasn't able to get the Weather App widget to load (not the built in weather widget), but most of my other widgets loaded great. I was very pleased that my Launcher X widgets worked, which is what I use to keep all my home screen shortcuts organized so I can try out different launchers quickly.

Pressing the home drawer doesn't have any lags or delay for me. Pressing on Facebook or Instagram feeds does take a second or two before it opens the new app.

I'm going to keep the launcher as my default for a few days.

Looking forward to future updates.

Sorry but what did you mean by "They aren't interchangeable?". It seems like the phone and tablet version should be interchangeable...

I think he means that purchasing one version won't give you access to download both versions at will, or "interchangeably"

Nova Launcher = because folders in app drawer (and Go Launcher is slow). Most of these launchers don't offer folders in app drawer so that's a deal breaker for me.

I've never seen that... I might have to try Nova just to see if I like that better. ADWEx let's you do groups though, same concept imo.

Have you tried ADWEx? If so, how does that compare to Nova?