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Those disappointed with Samsung's initial choice of colors for the Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) may be in luck, as information has emerged suggesting a black version of the popular handset may be on the way. The shot above is part of a set that's been doing the rounds for a few days now. It first appeared on Samsung's Facebook page alongside some promotional blurb for the Olympics, and it certainly looks​ like a black Galaxy S3. However, it's difficult to tell for sure -- if you've seen the pebble blue S3 in person, you'll know that it looks much darker up close than in earlier promo images.

Today, though, further evidence of the phone's existence has cropped up in a leaked inventory system photo from UK retailer the Carphone Warehouse. The shot, obtained by ​Android Police​ lists the black S3 alongside the marble white and pebble blue variants. There's no indication as to when the rumored black version might arrive, however.

With the garnet red AT&T Galaxy S3 in the states (and monstrosities like this pink Galaxy Note), Samsung has proven it's not afraid of throwing out different colored versions of popular phones. And we're sure there are plenty of people out there who'd snap up a black Galaxy S3, given the opportunity. In any case, we've reached out to Samsung for the official word on this, and we'll update this post with any info they provide.

Source: Samsung Facebook, Android Police


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Black Galaxy S3 appears in Carphone Warehouse inventory, backs up Samsung Facebook pics


Yeah, but that's exactly why I've been jonesing for this. Believe me, there are times (especially in this crappy economy) when you want to buy a new phone, but you REALLY don't want anybody to notice! I bet there's some married guys out there that know what I'm talkin' about...

tell me... had the sgs3 pebble blue for three days past week. Went to a private bday party. 4-5 phones over a table, including my sgs3... there was friends of friends... my phone disappeared, probably too flashy (specially the mirrored back cover). Crappy people. Worst part, I don't have tied plans so paid in full for it. 549.99 from amazon wireless.
FML: I had the phone turned off. I had to cut out the sim card to fit the micro size form and seems it was causing troubles, so the phone was heating on that area, was planning to go get a newer SIM card (I had to do it anyways since it was stolen).
Good part & bad part: pattern lock was active & lost 32gb micro sd that had for a year with bunches of info and sms back ups.
SO YES, I want a black one now.
Ordered ANOTHER pebble blue, gonna paint black the black cover, I dont like protection covers and the mirrored pebble blue SUCKS.


I think Lookout makes an app called Plan B that you can download to you're phone even after you lost it. It can tell you where it is and even make the phone emit a sound, even if it's on silent. I don't know about off, though.

I had a white sgs2 and went and bought a gnex(black of coarse) and my wife never even noticed. If they don't look like the new iPhone she doesn't pay much attention. Guess I'm lucky for that.

Alex, can you ask them when the 32GB version will be available, on general release, in the UK?

Vodafone were only supposed to have the exclusive deal for a month from launch according to reports.

Black may be boring or generic to some but that looks way better than the kiddie colors IMHO. Same thing with Pentax K-X and K-R DSLRs..great cameras but unless it's the black version it just makes it look like a toy.

To each their own though

Sorry to possibly bust the bubble, but the black listing in the Carphone Warehouse inventory has been there since before the S3 even launched. This happens regularly in the Carphone inventory system, there are numerous variations for many phones that don't actually exist. So, this isn't proof of anything.

Source - I work at Carphone Warehouse.

It's possible, but then again, the black version wasn't there in the inventory before, when blue and white were.

It looks so plain in comparison to pebble blue. Atleast the pebble blue had this brushed aluminum texture to it. This black SGS3 just looks plain.

It is rounded, the glass sticks out, that's why there's so many cases of broken screens, cause it lands directly on the glass.

Initially I was kinda upset that there was no black, because my S2 was black. I went for pebble blue, and the color has kind of grown on me. It's pretty close to black either way, and I have a black case for it. Looking at the new black now, it doesn't seem as nice as the blue.

I doubt it. Still think thats the pebble blue one in the images. Will believe when i see some official statement from samsung.

Sorry to burst even more bubbles, but that picture is not a GS3. It is too thick and too narrow. I have a GS3, and that sir is no GS3.

That sir is definitely a GS3. I know the reflection off the round glass does make it look a little fat, but I'm sure.