If you didn't know, week 4 of the Smartphone Round Robin is in full effect. Amidst all the CES craziness things kind of get lost but fear not, this Round Robin is still going on! Where's Android this week? Over in the good hands of our good friend Dieter Bohn of PreCentral.net. I loved webOS when I reviewed it, I wonder if he'll feel the same about Android? Be sure to check out his Hands-On Video of Android at PreCentral.net!

Dieter has started a thread over in our Android Central Forums asking questions and yep, taking answers. There's some great conversation going on in there so be sure to participate. Plus, every day you make a post in that thread this week you're entered to win a free Android smartphone from Android Central! And that includes the Nexus One all right.


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Android From A webOS Perspective, Smartphone Round Robin


Seriously. There is nobody more biased about their own device than the PreCentral guy. OK, well maybe the Apple guy. I have read the reviews posted by him and he never gives credit to another device unless he is also pushing up Palm. I mean, please fool! Tell it like it is and quit with the BS. If Android is better, then just say so and quit being so coy.