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You love specs. We love specs. And so we've been keeping up with the latest and greatest from Android in comparison to the newest from other platforms. And here's how the Sprint Evo 4G, Google Nexus One and Verizon Droid Incredible -- all phones manufactured by HTC -- match up against the new iPhone 4.

For our money, it's the iPhone's new screen that really stands out, with its 960x640 "retina display." Samsung needs to get some Super AMOLED screens into our hands pretty soon, or we're going to bounce off the walls seeking worthy comparisons. (Cross-posted at TiPB.)


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Android vs. iPhone 4: The specs


ha ha ha!!! After all that shit, come on apple that's all you have to offer? Hands down EVO still kicks your ass, And we ain't even get the 2.2 update yet..:)

Arguably aside from the VGA front facing camera the Droid, Nexus, Incredible, Ally, MyTouch Slide... hell.. any Android device released within the past 6 - 8 months essentially kicks its' ass. Once 2.2 hits most of the units this year its' not even worth talking about the iPhone. Just list the iPhone 4 as an "Also Ran" by years end. By this time next year Android and its' associated handsets will be 2+ generations ahead of anything Apple will release.

I was thinking the same thing. Honestly, when I owned my BB, I would get REALLY excited about new iphone announcements. This go round, I was vaguely interested. Maybe it's because my Droid does...

Plus, as soon as I heard of a glass casing I was IMMEDIATELY turned off. Only one of my friends has the original metal case and he's the only one what hasn't had to deal with physically broken phones.

I like that my phone is fairly durable. To each his/her own I guess

Is it me or is it weird that the EVO, the greatest Android phone ever, doesn't come with the latest Android OS? By the way, iPhone 4 will outsell the EVO and, unlike Sprint, Apple will reveal the numbers. One more thing, iOS and iPhone 4 just left the competition behind again, and just when you thought you caught up. EVO Is now old news. BUHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA

2.2 was just released it takes a lot longer than 30 days to develop, test and release a phone OS. They used what was most recent at the time of creating the phone. If they had to stop and re-start development with the latest phone OS every time they'd never release anything.

About the only thing I'm envious of with the iPhone is the super rich display. However the downsides are too great for me: AT&T's pathetic network, WiFi only Video chat = useless, no cloud services so you're tied to iTunes or an expensive MobileMe account that doesn't do half of what Google gives away, no Google Voice integration and the actual size of the phone is too small. I know Apple doesn't want to fragment the app market with two different resolutions, but I think a lot of people want bigger than 3.5 inches of screen/phone.

That said happy trolling to you Mister BUHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Old News eh... So the iPhone4 has expandable memory? A Removable battery? An actual desktop? Widgets? Live wallpaper? Did Supernanny Steve Jobs just forget to mention all this in his demonstration? Looks to me like all that happened was that the iPhone finally caught up to where Android was last year. Well...except for all the items above. Maybe they will finally add those in iPhone5. Cross your fingers.

One thing we did get a good look at was the "error network not found" screen on the iPhone4. Thats a screen I am sure lots of iPhone users are going to get to know very well.

will 2.2 add 30fps video to EVO? it sounds like the iPhone video is nice but video from my EVO seems crappy. are there other bitrate variables too besides just FPS and lines os resolution?

I thought they figured out in the "teardown" that EVO had the 802.11n chip inside (though it won't be able to be accessed until Froyo)? Or was I just daydreaming?

Same for Nexux One.
Chip is capable, awaiting Froyo. The table should be updated.

Also with the 3G bands, Nexus One is also Quad band on At&T and capable of HSPA 7.2.

I think its only fair that the specs reflect Froyo capabilities across the board, even tho its not out yet, neither is iPhone 4 or iOS4.

I wish my Evo could record like an iPhone. I hate how HTC values resolution over quality and fps. I'd be so much happier recording VGA at a good bitrate at 30fps.

All I can say is there are 3 android phones listed 1 Apple can you say variety and that's not even all of the high end devices. There are a number of different price ranges to chose from which mean Android for everyone.

10 hours battery on video, or wifi browsing?

I'm not unimpressed. All the APIs etc they got in there, developers must be getting juicy. Gotta say Google and HTC and others will have to up their game.

Its kinda funny how the iphone's performance is about as good or in many cases actually worse than Android considering the VM that Android runs on top of. You'd think the virtual machine and the hardware abstraction would in effect slow everything to a crawl, but not so :).

Not only is everything future proof - it runs faster as well.

Engadget has something similar right now. Only just Evo vs iPhone. Seems like anyone who hates on the iPhone and/or picks the Evo gets down ranked or attacked by fanboys.

I read the Engadget comments. It seemed to me that at least a majority would go with the Evo from the comments I read. It just looks like alot of attacks by the iFools because they are very vicious today. The iPhone 4 is SERIOUSLY getting blasted by comments and at least one article on ZDNet as well. If they don't outsell the Evo on launch day and keep it up they are gonna have hell to pay in the blogosphere.

I didn't know the EVO was only 20fps, why so low? The incredible supports recording 25fps.

All these phones have the same common ground specs. I think the real difference is at&t vs. verizon and OS4 vs. android.

I think this is due to the Evo not having a ton of internal storage. Most recording is probably going straight to the microSD, so I think that's where the bottleneck is.

That sounds like a fail to me, espically if someone got for EVO for recording hd vids. I'm not a video expert but i have seen EVO sample vids that looked pretty good, but if i understand correctly, the lower frame-rate would cause "jerkyness" in faster motion recording.

The one thing android needs ASAP is a video editing app!!!

that's probably adjustable by a large margin in the Evo build.prop. It is for every other android device anyway :)

This iteration of the iphone isn't necessarily about "innovation" as it is about "refinement." I don't like Apple and I have never had a an iphone, (my Evo should get here today *fingers crossed*) but everything that the iPhone 4 does "new" just seems to be catching up to what high-end Android devices offer. Jobs is excellent at marketing and telling the consumer that they "need" his product. The new screen is nice and it has multi-tasking, but thats about it. nothing really that crazy to get hyped over imo. oh well, competition does make for innovation so maybe thats some good news for us all

Jobs knows the game of LABELING. For instance to the non-tech savvy FaceTime is going to be the only possible way to video conference. Its going to stick with them and anything that doesn't have FaceTime won't be capable of video conferencing in their mind. When they see you doing it on your Evo they are going to say "What kind of iPhone is that" or "Hey you have FaceTime too?".

I really don't like that type of crap and hope it doesn't land in the Android world. Yes it would help with the marketing and at one point I wished they would do it. But I really don't like playing on tech ignorance like that any more. It makes the tech world worse for those of use that understand it in the long run. We end up tied to crappy products all because someone coined a term around it.

True that and it unfortunate for the non-tech savvy to perceive something that is similar and automatically assume its something from Apple

What I was getting at is that the competition between Apple and the Android Community will breed better products. Froyo is the next step for Android and I'm excited for that, but without Apple's influence on the consumer there would be nothing to light that "fire" underneath Google to innovate and progress their product

So My HTC EVO can do everything Iphone 4 does, plus supply me with 4G when available, a bigger (although not as super clear as IP4) screen, a better MP camera and removable storage? Im sure I missed some more things like being able to change the look of all our phones and not have the same screens from 2007. I am far, far from an android fan boy but man after seeing Blow Jobs taking shots at Android I think I'll stick with my more "Mature" and customizable Android powered HTC EVO.

Devil's advocate here: My Nokia N97 (widely regarded as the worst smart phone ever made) could do everything that iPhone 4 does (and more actually voice dialing, bluetooth file transfer, tethering etc etc - only 2 of which are available in Froyo) - even video conferencing or video calls. It really was a horrible phone though. Its 128 megs of ram wasn't enough to run the apps you wanted, and its 450 MHz cpu wasn't fast enough to make it smooth.

What matters isn't features or anything - its polish. That said - I think my Nexus One is nearly as polished as an iPhone :).

Something Android does need (hopefully webOS designer that recently came on will help there) is refinement and consistency in UI. Apple is polished through and through. That said everywhere else once FroYo is rolled out and hardware wise Apple is looking up at Android, imho. Longtime work BB user and that platform is just in all sorts of trouble. If not for their buy one get one free offers and heavy inroads into the corporate world they'd be dead, now they're just losing marketshare on the personal consumer side (like me for instance) and even in the enterprise Apple is taking some of their market according to recent reports. I can't wait for Android to be considered enterprise worthy, I've already started that campaign in my enterprise where funny enough one of the things I do is backup the BES admin :-P

iphone 4 to iphone 4 video chat WIFI ONLY, No skpe or nothing else.. LMAO..They is hot with apple over there..:)

And in the end, it's still an iPhone.

OK and Apple REALLY needs to drop the whole iThing. iPad was horrible, then iAd, now iOS? Seriously.

Though yes the Incredible/EVO still blow the Apple 4G away but yet it will still sell 50 million to Apple zombies.

I was highly disappointed with these specs, but as of lately, Apple fails to deliver so I'm not surprised.

Each generation of iPhone adds something that it didn't have. But those things are ones that other smartphones already had, even non smartphones had them. It took them 4 generations to add a camera flash, 3 generations to have video recording and picture messaging and 2 generations to have 3G.

I agree, yes, they refine it every generation, but only slightly. But they only release one generation of iPhone a year, while at least 1 Android phone comes out or is announced a month.

Android has leapfrogged the iPhone, as we can already tell from these specs, as the Android phones have been out for a while or we already knew their specs. And a few months down the road, there will be even better Android phones while the iPhone 4 will stay the same.

But we all know that the Apple fanboys will continue to say that their device is better with nothing to back it up. They'll say that their iPhone does something, and we'll say our Android can do it too and they'll come back saying the iPhone does it better and we'll ask how so and they won't have an answer.

We can see that Apple is now trying to catch up to Android. But since they only release one iPhone a year, they're going to have to do a lot to catch up.

Dude, it took the 4 GENERATIONS to add a f*cking wallpaper; you forgot that so I thought I needed to add that. The new iPhone4 with its iOS4 is iF*cking iStupid lol. Android is about to get another update which will make a bigger gap for Apple to catch up (Froyo) and it's going to be another year before another iPhone comes out. While were waiting for that new "magical" device to release, the hardware and specs on Android phones are only going to get better. Apple came up way short this year. They just met the bar, they'll be in it for about 2-3 months and then everyone is going to forget about it because the Evo, Incredible, N1, Droid, and whatever else will get (official) Froyo or there will be a new killer Android phone

maybe i have my facts wron but i was watching steve jobs keynote, and I feel like a lot of things listed are wrong even with the other phones, IDK maybe i have my specs wrong, if i do then sorry

Wow, the internal memory and how much Apple charges for it is what has kept me from getting an iPhone. $100 more for what works out to 16gb. The battery too. If the batery fails, I do not want to have to ship my phone off to Apple and pay them another $100 for a new one.

You can replace the battery yourself, if you get a torx screw driver. Have to order a replacement battery though.

Why do sites keep listing the Incredible with 512 ROM?? It's got a gig of ROM with about 750 MB free for user storage.

The iPhone 4 has autofocus too actually. And supposedly the wifi/tethering is coming soon. (at&t needs to get off their asses)

It's an amazing, gorgeous, revolutionary product.

LOL just kidding. The iPhone is pretty nice now. I always said, I won't buy an iPhone because it lacked a high resolution screen and a 1 GHz processor.That's been done pretty well with the iPhone 4.
Also on my list was a 5mp good camera with flash, which is again done nicely. The videochat is also a nice feature, which I am very excited about. It's REALLY going to change the way we talk. The mainstream is going to start video chatting, in a few years its going to be normal. Again, WiFi only is sad, but it has reasons. I have WiFi everywhere so it wouldn't be a problem for me anyways.
Now one thing on my list has not been done in iPhone 4.. a new home screen. I am so sick of those icons. Bring on widgets, bring on interesting wallpapers. I know Apple is working on a new 'amazing' home screen, I just hoped it would be done already.
Anyway, the hardware is pretty up to date now, the Appstore is market leader.. the iPhone 4 is a good device.
Now about looking very close on your screen searching for pixels... on my Desire it all looks very good. WVGA, 3.7 inch AMOLED display FTW.

One more thing...

IMAGINE, you are at home. You have WiFi. You have to go to bed, because its late. You get a call from your best friend. He has an iPhone 4 as well. Now you hear him say 'turn on facetime..' so you get under the covers and turn it on. There he is, with his LED flash making scary faces.

You can actually tell scary bedtime stories to your friends now. Everyday. :D

Apple fanboys and Android fanboys. All the same. It seems as though most don't even have a clue. I think both have strong points and fit different types of users. The iPhone OS is very easy to use. The UI is consistent and the app selection (and quality) is leading by far. For many people it does what they need and then some. Nothing wrong with that. Jailbreaking gives even more capabilities and apps that most non-users have no idea about. Apple focuses on software and it shows. As for Android, it definitely has the best hardware selection but the OS lacks polish and sometimes it's quite obvious that it's still new. The upside is it's developing ridiculously fast and there doesn't seem to be a ceiling of where it can go at the moment. My evo comes in friday and I'm pretty excited. But if it wasn't for the iPhone the evo may not even have existed (this early). Competition and selection is always good folks.

All the fanboys need to take a chill pill. Apple pushed the envelope with the first iPhone over the existing phone interfaces. The Apple interface is simple to use for consumers. I know you tech fanboys want more control over what you phone looks like, great for you. However most consumers just want a device that works and works well. Must are not concerned about speed of processor or amount of memory, or must of the wiz bang stuff techos are thrilled about.

Android and Apple appeal to two very different markets. Both companies leap frog each other on both software and hardware releases and this drives the other to do better on the next release.

I for one welcome the technology difference between the devices and OS's because it drives the others to better. You also have to consider each user has their very own likes and dislikes. For example my mother in law dislikes touch screens. Loves Blackberries (go figure).

Apple have made their devices for consumer who just wants to use the device as it without to much changes. Where as Android is aimed at the consumer who wants the freedom to change it as much as possible. Look at the marketing for each device.

So to be for one particular device over the other is person choice. What might impress you may be a low priority for others. Just keep that in mid when dumping on the other device.