Best Android Phones With a Headphone Jack Android Central 2020

The best overall phone with a headphone jack is the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It isn't a given that your next Android phone will have a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. Many of the best and most desirable phones available today just don't offer the port, despite being one of the most-requested features from smartphone buyers. Thankfully, some companies have heard the call and kept the headphone jack around. These are the best phones you can get that still have one.

Feature-packed: Samsung Galaxy S10+

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Samsung held onto the headphone jack for its high-end phones longer than most, but the streak ended with the Galaxy S20 series. Thankfully the Galaxy S10+ is still a great phone, and a good value now that it's over a year old. If you need a headphone jack, it's a good compromise.

$850 at Amazon

Great audio quality: LG V60

The V60 continues LG's commitment to offering great audio quality, both with speakers and its headphone jacks. Just like the models before it, the LG V60 has a great DAC supporting its headphone jack for higher-end audio quality that you'll be able to appreciate.

$810 at T-Mobile

Superb camera: Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a evolves Google's take on a budget phone, with better hardware and new specs alongside the same amazing camera. And best yet, it's retained the headphone jack, unlike the higher-end Pixel phones.

$350 at Amazon

Big on a budget: Samsung Galaxy A71

Samsung's A71 offers a huge screen and lots of Samsung features in an attractive body with solid specs — and yes, a headphone jack. The plastic body is cheap feeling, but the overall experience is really good for a mid-$300 price range.

$375 at Amazon

Great value: Moto G Power

The Moto G Power offers great performance, features and capabilities for the money. You get more than you expect in every area, down to little offerings like a headphone jack. The software experience is clean and simple, and you'll be impressed by what this thing can do while saving you hundreds.

$250 at Amazon

Don't miss out on the headphone jack

There are a lot of great Android phones out there, but not a lot of them have a heapdhone jack. There are ways around this thanks to USB-C dongles and true wireless headphones, but when you have to have a headphone jack, there are still several solid choices. Samsung's last-generation Galaxy S10+ still offers the audio interface, and while that means you're missing out on the latest and greatest Galaxy S20 features, it's not as big of a compromise as you may think.

If you need to save some money with your next phone purchase, a Moto G Power will get the job done at a mid-range budget and let you keep plugging in those headphones.

If you live in a wireless world and a headphone jack isn't on your must-have list, there are tons of other great phones that eschew the 3.5mm, like the OnePlus 8 Pro, but have many other redeeming qualities.

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